• Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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Analysts give explanations to hijack of ENDSARS protest by hoodlums

Buhari’s aide joins effort to release detained #ENDSARS protesters

Analysts have linked the prolonged EndSARS protest and the subsequent hijack by hoodlums to ineffective communication and seemingly absence of leadership among the protesters.

It is acknowledged that the protesters had genuine course to end police brutality and enthrone good governance, but the vacuum of absence of leadership among the protesters made it difficult for government to properly engage with them for a meaningful dialogue, says Ehi Braimah, a public relations practitioner.

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Though there was no proper communication between the government and the protesters but when the government eventually met the demands of the protesting youth on October 12, 2020, it was expected that any leadership of the youth would have announced a truce. This did not happen hence the protest continued and was in the process hijacked by hoodlums.

To Akonte Ekine, an analyst based in Lagos, government would have insisted on identifying and engaging the leadership of the protesting youth as “there can’t be a gathering of people without a leadership”.

According to him, it was the lack of communication and absence of identifiable leadership that to led to the hijack of the peaceful protest for accountability, good governance and against oppression.

In his broadcast to the nation on October 22, 2020, President Buhari acknowledged that the result of the hijack led to loss of human lives, destruction of public and private properties worth billions of Naira