Bridge Nigeria upskills teachers ahead of academic session

Bridge Nigeria, community schools ensuring children achieve academic excellence has completed training programmes for new teachers in Lagos State, ahead of the upcoming academic session in compliance with its quality education delivery policy to children.

Foyinsola Akinjayeju, managing director of Bridge Nigeria in her speech said that the community schools management believes in training the trainer for maximum output delivery.

“At Bridge Nigeria, we believe that investing in the professional development of our teachers is critical to ensuring that our pupils receive the best possible education. We are committed to providing our pupils with a high-quality education that prepares them for success.

“This training programme for new teachers is a reflection of that commitment. We also believe that there are a variety of factors that lead up to effective learning, hence, the scope of the training covers topics ranging from teaching techniques, Bridge teaching methodologies, policies, and so on,” Akinjayeju said.

Chinua Agbasi, leadership and development manager at Bridge Nigeria added that “The major objective of the training is to help onboard new teachers and managers with the skills and knowledge they require to provide life-changing education to pupils in the communities we serve.

“The training also focuses on using positive behaviour management techniques to create safe and welcoming classrooms. These teaching techniques do not harm or humiliate pupils but it encourages them to learn.”

The new teachers expressed their appreciation for the training program, describing it as “enlightening” and “transformative”.

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The training programme which took place at two regions in Lagos – Alimosho and Ikorodu regions, aimed to equip new teachers with the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver quality education to pupils in Bridge Nigeria schools.

During the training, the new teachers were exposed to a variety of teaching techniques and methodologies, as well as best practices in classroom management and pupil engagement.

They were also trained in using digital tools and technology, which are key components of Bridge Nigeria’s teaching approach. At Bridge Schools, teachers are supported with carefully designed lessons and high-quality materials for effective teaching and learning. Teachers at Bridge use the teacher tabs during lessons, saving them the stress of preparing lesson notes.

Thompson Gracester, one of the trainees said, “The training has given me a better understanding of how to engage pupils in the learning process and has equipped me with the necessary skills to deliver quality education to my pupils.”

Bridge Nigeria currently operates over 46 schools across Lagos and Osun State, providing a life-changing education to thousands of pupils.

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