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Why Covid-19 will not continue its onslaught, by Varsity don

Sebastine Uremadu, a professor of Banking and Finance, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, Abia State, in this chance interview with UDOKA AGWU in Umuahia spoke on the coronavirus and expressed the optimism that the pandemic would soon be contained. Excerpts:

What in your opinion is the likely cause of COVID-19 pandemic and do you envisage any solution in sight?

You see China, where this pandemic is originated is an ungodly country, hence they have been easily disposed to allow themselves to be used to cause emergence of this deadly COVID-19, just as Satan stood up to provoke King David to number Israel in the ancient world and thereby sparked the wrath of God that led to an outbreak of a pestilence, plague or pandemic which killed 70,000 men in one day before God halted it by instructing the angel of death to stay the plague, when David became remorseful and fell before God for deliverance, according. In the current case it is only God that would stop its spread and for sure, it has to be stopped soon because it is unacceptable to God and man in the sense that it has attempted to alter the course of nature like social distancing whereby children of God cannot again congregate to praise and worship the Almighty God. God smells and eats the aroma or incense of men’s or saint’s praises to Him, this very important thing to God, the devil has ended up stopping for many months now, throughout the world since the lockdown practice began in Wuhan, China in December, 2019, where the pandemic originated to spread to other nations of the world.

God can never be happy as His creatures, mankind cannot now move freely to worship Him in a congregational manner, hence God will definitely hear our prayers to Him to stop this mess! It cannot just continue indefinitely, it will soon stop as we, children of God all over the world have been offering prayers and fasting for God to intervene in this situation and I have made prayers of faith and decreed a stop to its spread and it must gradually stop or halt because God will definitely answer us. I am very optimistic about it.

How pained are you over the pandemic?

Many things have gone wrong in our lives and economies of nations including Nigeria and United States, so God will hearken and answer prayers of men and women on earth and halt this plague; and recover economies of nations.

You see, academic calendar of our children have been disrupted by this lockdown and businesses and government work have been stopped. We cannot continue like this. No church or jumat worship or gathering, no schools at all levels, no work both at governmental and private sector levels and you use social distancing in relationships among men. For how long! It is abnormal to nature or God and it cannot continue. Both God and man abhors this kind of orientation, therefore God must hear us and stop it because there is a serious need for Him to do so and that is the reason I am not wavering or shaking in my faith that God will or has answered our prayers and very soon its spread will stop and social life among people will normalise in the course of time.

You see that when the fig tree was cursed by our Lord Jesus Christ as contained in Mathew 21:17-22, its leaves remained shinning and waving to the winds and sunshine throughout the day as if it has not died. But on the following day, His disciples discovered that it had withered, hence its life has been spiritually cursed or destroyed and not long it was evident that it was so, to the glory of God.

In the same manner, I therefore, bind COVID-19 pandemic and curse its roots to die in Jesus name, amen.

Let God prove Himself to be God once more so that citizens of the whole earth shall bow to shout The Lord He is God! as Israel did at Mount Carmel when He answered by fire to consume prophet Elijah’s offering in order to prove the true God against Baal as it is written in 2 Kings 18:36-39.

My Lord, my God will also cause that the vaccines to treat and cure this coronavirus disease be discovered and be clinically tested soon. Prayers will continue to rise to heaven until everything is restored to normal and UN through WHO and America have to prevail in China to tell the whole world how and what caused or originated COVID-19. For by so doing, the anger of God will be assuaged and then hasten a total and final halt to its spread. There is hope for man, God will answer and deliver us soon from COVID-19 in Jesus name amen.

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