• Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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Lagos warns against use of Chloroquine

Akin Abayomi

Lagos State commissioner for health, Akin Abayomi, has warned residents against the use of chloroquine as a preventive measure or treatment of the deadly Coronavirus pandemic.

Abayomi, who was responding to the news making the rounds especially on the social media on the efficacy of the chloroquine in combating the virus, stated on Friday that there is no clinical proof that chloroquine can clear the virus from a sufferer.

According to him, while the world is watching the global trends on the most effective ways to treat the deadly virus, Lagos State on its part will be subjecting chloroquine to a clinical trial to test its efficacy for the management or treatment of the Coronavirus pandemic.

He specifically warned that chloroquine has some side effects and should only be taken on prescription by a medical expert.

“It is pertinent to emphasise that people should not use chloroquine unless it is prescribed by a medical doctor,” said Abayomi.

Nigeria has so far recorded a total of 12  positive cases of the coronavirus, which broke out in China, and has claimed thousands lives in different parts of the world and put the global economy under severe threats.