• Monday, July 15, 2024
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Fourth Wave: Covid mobile courts to begin stricter enforcement in Lagos from Monday

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Health authorities in Lagos will commence stricter enforcement of existing covid-19 rules and introduce even more from Monday, November 22 as the government expands its surveillance ahead of a fourth wave of the pandemic which is feared could arrive next month.

Estimates by the Lagos state government suggest that “at the current rate of the response across the country, we are likely going to encounter a fourth wave of the covid-19 pandemic in December 2021.”

The main trigger for this potential fourth wave is the massive travels associated with the Christmas and new year period when Nigerians abroad and their children flock home and those at home who travel abroad also come back to Nigeria with a higher risk of covid velocity and transmission.

According to the Lagos state commissioner for Health, Akin Abayomi, covid rules enforcement will be strengthened in Africa’s fourth largest economy with the introduction of covid mobile courts expected to try offenders and met out penalties on the spot.

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“People should expect a knock on their doors or calls by telephone inviting them to a session of the mobile courts if they have disobeyed the covid regulations and justice will be served without delay,” he told the audience at the Lagos Business School alumni day Friday.

According to him, “We intend to be tough on testing and enforcement as we have seen people presenting fake PCR test results in the past.”

Abayomi, a professor of Haematology and expert in biosecurity said the government’s preparedness has improved with every save of the pandemic but he warned that the fight against the pandemic cannot be left to the government alone. The online platform for those seeking to enter Lagos has been cleaned up and it is now functioning properly to deal with the Christmas travels.

The government is also aiming to vaccinate four million persons in the next six weeks to enhance immunity and save the hospitals and other health infrastructure from being overwhelmed.

Lagos was hit in the first wave in March of last year while the second wave arrived the commercial capital in December of the same year and the beginning of the third wave coincided with the summer holiday traves of this year.

Under the covid rules, those flying to Lagos must take the day two PCR test if already vaccinated or they must isolate for seven days if unvaccinated and also take day seven PCR test.