Squareme launches digital payment solution for young Africans

A new fintech in Africa has just launched a payment solution for millennials and Gen Zs, called Squareme. The brainchild of Oluwaseun Odusanya, ex-paystack employee and former Chief Product Officer at Patricia, Squareme aspires to be the CashApp of Africa

The platform is designed to help users master personal finances by socially educating users with practical tools and knowledge on how to spend, save, and donate wisely.

The new generation payment platform aims to make sending and receiving money as easy as sending a text message, a campaign which they tagged #simplemoney.

Squareme’s technology allows users to make payments and transfer money using only their phone number anywhere in the world.

Oluwaseun Odusanya, CEO of Squareme, said their objective is to provide the most convenient and secure cashless payment system for Africans.

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“Squareme is working to bridge the gap between the technologically savvy and the financially disadvantaged Africans. Our app offers a free, secure and peer-to-peer platform, combined with a user-friendly experience that makes it easier for everyone to manage their finances,” he added.

According to Squareme, users can receive payments from individuals and businesses at any time and place, without needing to provide their bank account numbers.

Squareme is focused on making regular financial transactions easier and more accessible, allowing individuals to use their personal connections to gain financial independence.

The app’s user interface is designed to be intuitive, making it simple and straightforward for users to access the functionalities of the platform.

The team behind Squareme said they are continuously working to make improvements and provide users with a dependable and reliable platform they can trust.

The Squareme app is available for download on the Google Play store and iOS users can access the mobile version of the app directly from their devices.

Squareme is a modern, social payment solution designed for tech-savvy individuals, making it easy for them to send and receive money through their cellular devices.

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