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Sigma Pensions lists opportunities for pension investments amidst market volatilities

Sigma Pensions has stated that that they are committed to protecting and improving their customers return on investment amidst the global economic shocks and waves. The Pension Fund Administrator also said it’s able to understand investment market and hedge its customers fund against volatilities.

Adewale Okunrinboye, head, Research & Strategy, Sigma Pensions, gave this reassurance during the Company’s Webinar where he spoke extensively on ‘Reshaping the Future of Work & Optimizing Investment returns after a Pandemic.’

Using his knowledge with research, he also gave the participants investments tips by urging them to invest more in dollar backed investments to secure against foreign currency volatility.

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Okunrinboye said: “The way we designed our investment strategy is always thinking of the long-term focus. We ensure that that our portfolio is well diversified and even if there is volatility, our ability to recover back is very strong such that it is not a loss situation. Also, beyond the shortterm volatility, we are also constantly scanning to better opportunities such as investing in companies that are the most innovative in their sectors whatever the sectors.”

“So, because we are focused on the long term, we have the tolerance to wave through it and that is something that should always be reassuring to our customers.”

Furthermore, on investments tips, he said: “For equities, focus on companies which are leaders in their field from a technology perspective. Telecoms firms, fintech players and e-commerce. In addition, healthcare is also a focus as more funds will go into pharmaceuticals, hospital care etc. On the interest rate side, focus on instruments which gives a currency hedge like Eurobond funds.”

“Low oil prices suggest the CBN’S ability to hold the value of the exchange rate is much weaker. Thus, the probability of the Naira losing value is much higher. As such, investing in dollar backed investments is as a good way to hedge against the currency weakness.”

The session which was moderated by Adaora Ude, head of Human Resources,

Sigma Pensions explored the emerging trends in Human Resource Management and proffered solutions to the various issues that have arisen from the current crises. It also highlighted how Pension contributions have been impacted and recommends steps to recovery.

Speaking on business continuity and how businesses and individuals can give themselves a competitive advantage in today’s workplace, Bina Idonije, senior counsel, Labour & Employment, Sub Saharan Africa, General Electric urged that companies and individuals to adopted technology and innovations constantly.

She said: “To ensure you remain relevant and build the skill set that are required for today and tomorrow. Also, organisations should stop thinking about technology as something that is for the IT department, it should be part of you strategy. If it is not part of your strategy then you are not planning long term.”

“Technology and how you can leverage on it for your business to optimize your business isn’t part of an organisations plan, then that organisation is planning to be around for a long time.”

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