• Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Shop-to-my-door expands into logistics for business

Building trust critical to Nigeria’s e-commerce sector – expert

E-commerce firm, Shop-to-my-door, has expanded into the business logistics market with its new business services and solutions for Nigerian companies.

Nigerian businesses have been underserved in the area of convenient procurement, shipping, clearing and delivery of goods from foreign markets into Nigeria hitch-free, a service that it has successfully done in its individual consumer sector.

Following the success it has recorded in serving individuals, the firm is now expanding its offering to cater for businesses. Having acquired its own clearing licencse in Nigeria, the Shoptomydoor group offers businesses free local address in the US, UK and China, allowing them to make purchases of industrial supplies from stores such as Amazon industrial, Northern tools, and have the items delivered right to their local address. Depending on the client’s choice, Shoptomydoor offers consolidated air and ocean shipping services for these companies. They have further expanded their business services to include clearing services in addition to shipping.

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Typically, Shoptomydoor provides individual-focused solutions, offering specialised warehouse systems that allow individuals to use debit cards to shop in stores in the US, UK and China. Shoppers send the purchased items to their assigned local address for prompt delivery by Shoptomydoor.

“The recent acquisition of a 23,000 square foot warehouse in Houston, Texas, was in preparation to provide excellent service to all business sizes,” says the president and CEO of Shoptomydoor.

According to him, with the service, businesses of all sizes can benefit greatly by procuring items directly from manufacturers at potential savings of 25 percent to over 100 percent of the local cost.