Rotary Club of Victoria Island east unveils Oluyemi as 34th president

Rotary Club of Victoria Island east has unveiled Kola Oluyemi as the 34th president of the club, and he has promised to support the less privileged in the society by investing in quality healthcare delivery and the education sector.

Oluyemi, who described humanitarian services as a childhood dream, said that the vow to reach out to those in dire need compelled him to join the Rotary Club.

Commenting on his background, Oluyemi said that his mother taught them the importance of charity during the growing up age, and some of the charity works embarked on by his family opened his eyes to the essence of giving to the disadvantaged.

Before joining the Rotary Club, he said that he had floated a charity organisation with a friend, and that afforded him the opportunity to donate gift items to the underprivileged in Makoko community.

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According to him, his tenure will focus on the refurbishment and building of new toilets for already identified six schools within Victoria Island east.

“Basically, part of my target is to focus on schools as a lot of schools especially in Victoria Island do not have good toilets while some have toilets without water. In such schools, students defecate and have no water to clean up. This results in the spread of various diseases and other health hazards,” he explained.

Oluyemi said that the club has also discovered some primary healthcare centers in Eti-Osa that do not have the basic equipment particularly in their maternity suites.

He said the club has identified four of such health centers and the cost of equipping one is about N4 million, if the club considers things such as beds, incubators, and all other equipment.

“We are also doing things such as career talks for children as it is not just about fixing physical things but also about helping to shape the minds of these young ones, who are the future of this country,” he said.

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