• Monday, July 22, 2024
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Recare to extend product range for men  

Recare to extend product range for men  

Recare Limited, owner of Natures Gentle Touch, a personal style brand that provides solution to various hair and scalp problems using rich natural ingredients, has disclosed plans to extend more of its products range to the men, thereby meeting the needs of the wider Nigerians.

As a player in the research, manufacture and marketing of beauty products that are specifically designed for African skin, hair and personal style, Recare has seen the need to invest in market world-class product to meet the needs of the men as it has done for the women.

Ramesh Hullur, CEO, Recare Limited, while addressing journalist, said European men consume more of cosmetic products than European women and the same trend was continuing in other parts of Asia.

He said coming to Africa, the business was large and although there were products for the men it already, there were plans to position more products to reach out to men, adding that in an attempt to meet the wider Nigerians, Recare had used several tool of communication, such as the radios, TV and billboards.

While shedding light on the product range, Hullur said the  products included relaxers, creams, anti-dandruff range, shampoos and conditioners, which will take care of hair problems such as dandruff, hair breakage, hair loss, slow hair growth and weak/damaged flair, adding that in the next six months, more products will be unveiled.

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According to him, “I don’t think we have major competitors to our product line because nobody offers solutions like we do and this makes us unique in our range. Five years from now, we will end up making close to N2.5 billion or N3 billion revenue.”

In proffering solutions to hair breakage, which happens to be a predominant problem with the ethnic hair, Daniel Komlan, field education manager, said ”ethnic hair needs good oil to protect and provide a sealing barrier to hold in moisture and keep it soft and manageable.

“One of the problems of ethnic hair is the dryness, which is as a result of the temperature in Nigeria and this leads to breakage of the hair. We therefore provide products with strong moistures to ensure the hair appear silky, smooth, manageable and hydrated.”

Komlan emphasised on the fact that the company sells solutions, giving customers satisfaction on each product solution and this is what differentiates it from other hair beauty companies.
“We are excited to have a school that that teaches and trains people on how to use the products, giving experiential knowledge to people who want to learn,” he said.