QNET rides on quality products, strong distribution network to drive growth in Nigeria

One year into its operations in Nigeria, QNET, a global e-commerce and direct selling firm, has attributed its unprecedented growth in Nigerian market to the introduction of high-quality products, a strong network of independent distributors and commitment to ethical business practices.

Speaking on the company’s activities in 2022, Biram Fall, regional general manager of the sub-Saharan African region for QNET, said the tremendous growth, recognition, and successes the company recorded in 2022 can also be attributed to its Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSRs) efforts aimed at creating positive social impact.

According to Fall, QNET officially marked its entry into Nigeria in April 2022 by announcing a significant partnership with Transblue Limited, making the latter QNET’s partner and representative in the Nigerian market.

“The partnership is built on the need to tap into the Nigerian market’s exuberance in Direct Selling and provide a globally recognised platform for customers and distributors to facilitate sales and marketing that will significantly improve customer service management and local market penetration for the brand,” Fall said.

He said that Nigeria ranks among the fastest-growing markets for QNET, mainly driven by the country’s entrepreneurial culture and the relevance of the company’s product portfolio for households and individuals.

On the effectiveness of the partnership with Transblue Limited, Fall said, the collaboration with Transblue has been a game-changer for the business, adding that it has allowed both partners to reach new customers and expand its product offerings.

“We believe partnerships like this are key to our success, and we are grateful for the opportunity to work with such a reputable and respected company. We look forward to growing and thriving together to deliver the best to Nigerians,” he said

He further said that the entry of QNET in Nigeria aligns with the government’s vision to partner with the private sector to achieve the desired economic recovery and transformative growth effectively.

On his part, Ajisafe Abiodun, CEO of Transblue Limited, said the implementation of a pilot phase of its signature financial literacy programme, FinGreen has positively influenced the company credibility as a Direct Selling company.

“The World Federation of Direct Selling Association’s (WFDSA) annual report 2021 shows that 125.4 million people are involved in direct selling with 74 percent women and 26 percent men”.

“The Direct Selling industry has proved to be an attractive opportunity for women, providing flexible options for supplemental income. This further reiterates our aim for the FinGreen programme, which includes providing adequate skills and proper developmental training for all, particularly for youth, women, and those embarking on entrepreneurship,” he said.

The brand is positioning itself as a credible business entity, set to create genuine entrepreneurial skills among Nigerian youths through well-established global e-commerce and Direct Selling ecosystems,” he added.
Abiodun further said that the financial literacy programme is designed with women and youth of vulnerable communities in emerging economies to drive developmental goals in mind.

“It is vital in supporting overall economic growth and encouraging governments, corporations, and communities to achieve broader development objectives,” he added.

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