Pearls by Ray unveils initiative to address fashion gap

Pearls by Ray, a Nigerian modest fashion brand founded in 2017, has created professionally tailored, stylish work-wear and occasion garments with clean cut, particularly for Muslim women and others who love modesty.

“The distinctive fashion brand was born out of a need to bridge a market gap for Muslim women who are fashion friendly and yet dress modestly. For these women, they struggled to find clothing that is both modest and aesthetically appealing. Oftentimes, their outfits are an assembly of different layers of clothing that are either not professional enough for the workplace, or stylish enough for an event.

“As a result, you would find some women who are reluctant to accept party invitations or show up at work as their true selves, because they feel underdressed, their outfits not fashion trending and therefore not satisfied with their general appearance,” Ruqayyah Adeosun, founder and designer of Pearls by Ray Fashion Designs stated.

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She re-affirms that her goal is to help Muslim women be themselves, show up in outfits that boost their social confidence and spice up their beauty, whether in the workplace or in a social gathering. According to her, finding the right clothes with the right fit, texture and design would make anyone feel good without necessarily being gorgeous. “This is the social concept behind every piece we create for our clients at Pearls by Ray Fashion Designs,” Adeosun stated.

Adeosun also told BusinessDay that she takes great delight in formulating fanciful designs and socially friendly outfits, as well as update herself with manuals and sketches that improve her brand and sets out to create outfits that tick all the boxes; modest, stylish and suitable for the workplace and any occasion.

She also mentioned that they choose their fabric and embellishments with comfort, adaptability and beauty in mind so that every Muslim woman in a Pearls by Ray garment feels not just beautiful, but confident and comfortable, ensuring a fashionable and stylish look without clients compromising their faith.