Palton Morgan expands CSR initiative to education for advancing lives

Palton Morgan Holdings, a foremost luxury real estate developer in Nigeria, has taken its corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative beyond brick and mortar to the education of those who deserve quality education and better environment to succeed, its officials have revealed.

The officials explained to BusinessDay in Lagos at the weekend that brilliant students from public secondary schools have been chosen for that purpose after meeting the criteria set by the company.

These students have been moved to Greensprings School, a private school located in Ibeju-Lekki, Awoyaya, Lagos, for a better and higher quality education and environment. Each of the successful students has been given a laptop and cheque to cover the full year’s school and boarding fees.

“In line with our corporate focus, we usually find an impactful way to contribute to society. We were at Greensprings to meet the finalists, their parents and teachers. We were there to experience and share the joy of the parents, first-hand, which made it even more worthwhile,” Moyinoluwa Olubodun, an executive officer at Palton Morgan, disclosed.

Olubodun explained that the aim of the event was to give back to the underprivileged in society, hoping that it will have a direct impact on not only individuals but also communities.

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Traditionally, Palton Morgan, the parent company of PropertyMart, The Oceanna and Grenadines Homes, believes in impacting lives and has taken this to a level where it has become part of its corporate and operational culture.

Interestingly, the company also believes in impacting and advancing the lives of its own people. “As an organization, there is no way we are set out to advance lives without first advancing the lives of our internal team.

“The company supports its people to be and do the best when it comes to their careers. It is also committed to enriching every individual’s potential, skills, knowledge and experiences through vigorous training programmes and courses, coaching, and mentoring within the firm,” Adeyinka Adesope, the company’s GMD/CEO, told BusinessDay.

“We provide platforms to advance employees’ career journey both within the country as well as around the globe via various global opportunities,” Adesope added.

It is that same spirit that informs and pushes the company’s CSR initiative which has, in many ways, changed the lives of many families who have benefited from the initiative.

According to Olubodun, expectation was that the sponsorship of the students, now moved to Greensprings School, would impact not only on their lives and those of their respective families, but also on the society.

“We look forward to seeing the children settle well into their new school as they make the best of the opportunity for both themselves and ultimately for humanity,” she said.

“Since the beginning of 2021, our focus has been on developing and advancing lives. Training our staff is one of those things. Within the year, we have successfully seen 7 Executive Team Members graduate on Business Leadership, Management Essentials, Strategy Execution and Financial Management training from Harvard Business School.

“Similarly, we have sent all our sales and operational staff on multiple training sessions conducted by Ultravantage to further develop sales skills, soft skills and training sessions on understanding of real estate development business,” she pointed out.

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