• Friday, September 29, 2023
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Online platform adds feature to enhance ‘drop-in conversation’

Ope Banwo

GistHouse, an Afrocentric drop-in conversation platform, has announced the introduction of a video feature in its previously all-audio drop-in conversation platform currently available in all app stores globally.

In direct answer to the clamour for the video feature on drop-in conversation apps, Ope Banwo, founder and visioner of Gisthouse Afrocentric Conversation Platform, announced a few months ago that he would task GistHouse developers to come up with a video feature that will fit into the drop-in conversation format that millions of social media users are demanding on apps like GistHouse, Clubhouse, Twitter spaces, Spotify Green Room, Spoon, Wisdom and others.

At a press conference, which was held recently at GistHouse head office in Omaha, Nebraska, the founder/CEO of Gisthouse fulfilled his promise when he unveiled and demonstrated the amazing video feature of Gisthouse App to the delight of its users across the world.

The video feature, which is exclusively available on Gisthouse among all drop-in conversation apps, now allows room creators the option of activating the video option in their rooms and then bringing discussants up on video to join the discussion and make their points. Users in the audience can also respond to the video discussions either by using audio only, or request to come up on video to make their rejoinders. The room creators also have the option to record, download and repurpose their video room sessions if they choose to do so.

In explaining the new game-changing video feature, Vaughn Item, director of technology at GistHouse, who was present at the press conference, said “The beauty of GistHouse video feature is that users can still enjoy the anonymity of audio only, while enjoying and participating in the video discussions by those who choose to be up on video”. He further explained that the sum benefit is that users can now enjoy the best of both audio and video world without any of the disadvantages.

With the video feature, and other industry-leading features like in-room polls; user-to-user donations; option of paid rooms for influencers; option of paid subscription clubs that allow users to earn from their content; and several other industry-leading conversation maximization features, the new GistHouse platform is quickly setting itself apart from the first generation audio apps like Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces, Spotify green room, Wisdom, Spoon and the rest in keeping up with user expectations and needs.

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Also, unlike the first-generation audio apps, GistHouse remains the only conversation app that pays its users in convertible gistcoin tokens for joining the app, and also rewards them for inviting their friends to join them in conversation on the platform.

According to Banwo, “Our vision at GistHouse has always been to help users maximize their conversations and content online while having fun, impacting lives, and making positive changes across the world through participatory drop-in conversations.”

Banwo also expatiated the vision of GistHouse, saying that all progress in mankind has always started with a conversation by two people or more. We strongly believe conversations remain the key to human progress as the world gets smaller and smaller through technological advances, and we are excited to be involved in the industry that allows drop-in conversations to happen with ease globally, and which also provides opportunities for users to monetize their content and control their intellectual properties.”

GistHouse Afrocentric Conversation Platform was launched officially on October 1, 2022, after being in beta development, testing and tech tweaking mode for over one year. The GistHouse audio app is available on Google Playstore and IOS AppStore.