• Monday, December 04, 2023
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Nigerian agritech ‘Zebra CropBank’, garners global acclaim at UN World Food Forum

Zebra CropBank

Nigerian ‘Zebra CropBank,’ an agri-tech startup founded by Buffy Okeke-Ojiudu, serial social entrepreneur, has emerged as a standout at the United Nations FAO World Food Forum in Rome.

The startup secured the ‘Global Startup Innovation Award’ in the ‘Better Production’ category and clinched the title of ‘World Food Forum Innovation Of The Year.’

The event, hosted at the headquarters of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), brought together a global community of innovators, investors, and experts committed to advancing impactful solutions within the realm of food systems.

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Beth Bechdol, FAO deputy director-general, opened the event by emphasising the critical role of climate action and innovation in ensuring equitable access to nutritious food worldwide, a statement said.

“Zebra CropBank, selected from a competitive pool of over 400 agri-focused companies across 69 countries, outshone the competition as one of the final 8 contestants.

“At the core of Zebra CropBank’s success is its revolutionary post-harvest service platform, providing farmers with the means to store and monetize their produce,” it said.

The startup’s network of electronic warehouses holds promise for transforming food and agriculture supply chains, offering income opportunities for farmers, particularly in local and remote areas of Africa.

Okeke-Ojiudu expressed his excitement, stating, “Receiving the ‘Global Startup Innovation Award’ in the ‘Better Production’ category was a thrilling acknowledgment for Zebra CropBank.

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“To then be honored with the ‘World Food Forum Innovation Of The Year’ underscores the global impact we aspire to make in reshaping the agricultural landscape.”