• Sunday, December 03, 2023
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MacTay launches employee ambassador program

MacTay launches employee ambassador program

MacTay, a management consulting firm, has launched its first-ever employee ambassador programme designed to leverage employees’ expertise, experience, and network to position the brand strategically.

The MacTay Ambassador Program (MAP) is aimed at putting the consulting firm on the map through a collaborative effort between the employees and the company to increase brand awareness and drive sales.

“The overall goal of the MAP program is to build relationships and partnerships with employees to genuinely align with the company’s content, product, and services,” Omotoyosi Ajayi, head of communications, MacTay, stated.

According to her, the MAP is a marketing strategy that utilizes MacTay’s message, content, and employee creativity to improve areas of business-like sales, brand recognition, and corporate reputation. “Studies have shown that employees can be a much more reliable source for broadening a brand’s influence”.

Ajayi stated further that employee ambassadors were commissioned as leaders and brand influencers to spread goodwill and positive messages about their MacTay experience and brand offerings locally and globally, which would in turn build brand awareness and positive brand perception.

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She further disclosed that brand promotion can and should become a part of company culture. “Having dedicated employee advocates who are willing to endorse MacTay personally reflects well on the brand,” Ajayi stated.

According to her, brand ambassadorship reflects the quality and value of a brand that allows customers see an individual endorsement from employees as more organic and credible than the brand’s direct marketing and advertising.

She stated that an effective employee ambassador program can save the organisation money on paid ads whilst generating a better return on investment (ROI).

“We pride ourselves as pioneers in setting the pace for the employee ambassador drive in Nigeria and we are excited for what is to come. This is an opportunity for all staff members to dream big and be part of the success story of an exceptional brand. We have put together an excellent incentive structure to reward active MacTay ambassadors and we would keep improving on it,” Ajayi stated.

According to her, employees were encouraged to prioritize and show the MacTay culture off to the world, and share their experiences and company news, which she ultimately considered as employee advocacy at its finest.