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LS Scientific adds value to the Nigerian chemical industry


Chemicals are a part of our everyday life as they are used in virtually every industry one can think of, from food and beverage, oil and gas to health industries. Due to its importance, there is need to be concerned about the source and quality of these chemicals, whether they are for production or analysis.

This was the submission of Olumurewa Odunjo, managing director of LS Scientific, in a lecture for its key customers held by the company in Lagos, recently.

Every reliable production or manufacturing outfit has a quality assurance department where products are tested to be sure that they conform to certain international standards before being sold into Nigerian market. These tests and analysis are done in laboratories specially dedicated to quality assurance where accuracy of results are top priority, which means every procedure should be carried out with the right grade and technical specification of chemicals, reagents, instruments and equipment of top notch quality. Using chemicals with the wrong potency, concentration or quality will definitely have a negative effect on the desired outcome of these tests.

There are a handful of companies that manufacture some of the best laboratory analytical chemicals worldwide and without giving it too much thought VWR International UK comes to mind, ably represented here in West Africa by LS Scientific. VWR International has a very rich history in the scientific and chemicals business that spans well over 100 years.

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Odunjo also pointed out that: the best and easiest ways to ascertain the quality of these chemicals include: requesting for the certificate of analysis provided by the manufacturer; being aware of the current VWR BDH Prolabo logo and packaging; and looking out for the production batch number in the right part of the packaging and in the right format.The most common amongst these chemicals include: Ethanol; Methanol; Acetone; Acetonitrile; Diethyl Ether; Methylated Spirit; Petroleum Spirit; amongst others.

NAFDAC plays a key role in regulating the level of Chemicals being imported in Nigeria and LS Scientific possess all necessary Permits and Licence to operate as Chemical Marketer. The next Chemical training to be organised by LS Scientific will be in March, 2015 where customers can benefit by increasing their Chemical knowledge, application methods and increasing overall Efficiency in their respective organisations.