LG Electronics expands health, hygiene offerings to consumers with new products

Determined to expand the health, hygiene and cleanliness offerings to consumers, LG Electronics has launched health care collections of products in Lagos.

The new products include the ultimate laundry solution – Styler, artificial intelligence direct drive washing machine, InstaView refrigerator, NeoChef microwave and LG Inverter direct drive QuadWash dishwasher.

Hari Elluru, head of corporate marketing, LG Electronics West African Operations, said as a consumer-centric company, LG electronics care about its customers’ well-being, which is why it had gone above and beyond the competition to innovate health-related items that make a difference in people’s lives and ensure their overall well-being.

Speaking at the launch of the product in Lagos, Elluru said that it was necessary to show the company’s commitment to not only providing basic product utility to consumers but also to deliver that utility in a way that improves their well-being.

“We are proud to say that we are the first home appliance company to begin developing health-related products, resulting in the creation of an entirely new market for the home appliance sector,” Elluru said.

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Brian Kang, general manager, Home Appliances, LG Electronics West African Operations said the healthcare products were developed in response to the global changing lifestyles and the ever-increasing issues associated with health which results from the former.

According to Kang, since health issues have become national issues, the electronic giant in its unique way is offering consumers the ideal protection against health issues which he believes LG’s technology can help solve especially in the areas of allergy, respiration and nutrition.

Commenting on the products exhibited, Kang said “The Hygiene Fresh+™ filter eliminates up to 99.999 percent bacteria by delivering strong sterilisation and deodorisation performance with a 5-stage filtering system.

This feature is built to increase the shelf life of fruits, vegetables and all forms of foodstuffs stored in your refrigerator by effectively reducing dust, fungi, spore and other harmful active decomposers inside the refrigerator.

He added that the Styler sanitises and efficiently reduces viruses with the aid of the TrueSteam™ feature. On the part of the Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive Washing Machine, Brian continued, The Allergy Care cycle uses water and heat to create a super-disinfecting steam that sanitises clothing while still being gentle on it.

Kang further said the LG Microwave Oven is not only lauded for its supreme cooking skills, but for its ability to stay clean as well. The Anti-Bacterial Easy Clean is an innovative feature that helps keep your cooking space clean at all times, while reducing kitchen stress.

“With sanitisation a priority, LG dishwashers enable users to clean and sanitise with confidence. Certified by the National Sanitisation Foundation to reduce bacteria on dishes by 99.99 percent and reach a final rinse temperature greater than 150°F when operated on the steam cycle of TrueSteam models or the High Temp Cycle of other LG dishwashers,” he added.

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