• Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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Jiji Cars exposes sellers to wider customers, buyers to credible inspection report

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Following the acquisition of Car45 by Jiji, Nigeria’s online marketplace, and subsequent rebranding to Jiji Cars, the firm said it has concluded arrangements to expose car sellers to wider customer reach and car buyers to credible inspection reports.

Speaking to BusinessDay recently in an exclusive interview in Lagos, Maxim Makarchuk, chief operating officer of Jiji Cars, said Nigerian car sellers would be getting more value on Jiji Cars platform, compared to going to dealers’ location that exposes sellers to only the dealers’ customers.

“When a seller comes to Jiji Cars, he or she will be exposed to a bigger number of customers including dealers and consumers, who are ready to buy cars,” Makarchuk said.

According to Makarchuk, Jiji Cars offer sellers an opportunity to get competitive offers and also sell their cars according to their needs.

“We can take care of the selling process, the negotiation with the buyer and find offers for the seller. Jiji Cars is the best car deal because we can get the best deal for you. If you need to close the deal fast or get the best offer, we are ready to provide you options depending on your needs,” he explained.

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Makarchuk further disclosed that the main goal of Jiji Cars is to provide buyers with an authentic and truthful inspection report that can be trusted.

According to him, Jiji Cars wants to put an end to the era where car buyers in Nigeria will go with personal mechanics to check the car several times before buying a car.

“We want to show that the inspection report posted on Jiji Cars’ platform has exactly the same description of the car’s condition that the buyer’s mechanic will likely provide,” he said.

Makarchuk, who noted that Jiji Cars has two big segments of customers including dealers and other end customers, said that Jiji Cars provides these customers with technological infrastructure that ensures transparency, and security of customers’ money when the bidding is ongoing.

“Dealers, who are our trusted partners, are buying our cars without physical inspection because they trust us. They bid for the car, check the condition of the car and viewed the detailed inspection report online. We are trying to show to different players in the market that our inspection reports can be used as a gold standard in the current market, and you can actually refer to this inspection report like this car was checked by Jiji Cars,” he added.