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Investment One says new ‘Ziing’ offers 13% interest to customers


The new ‘Ziing’ app, which is an investment solution for investors, will offer as high as 13 percent return on investment, Nicholas Nyamali, Group Managing Director of Investment One says.

The app, was launched as a revolutionary financial app of the firms ‘Investment One’ platform, and will beyond the traditional stockbroking services to give customers the opportunity to take control of their money and investments.

“With the Ziing investment platform, a customer can get an interest of 10-13 percent on their investment while enjoy variety of services like payment of bills, fees as well as top up on mobile phone” Nyamali said in Lagos, when the financial services firm was launching the app in

 “The app goes beyond the traditional banking payments, to give customers access to  mutual funds, treasury bills, international money transfer, investment education, savings, investment information and alternative investments” he added.

While most of the developments in the fintech space have been geared towards developing payments, the ‘ziing’ investment platform will provide opportunities for customers to invest, save, and importantly, enable them to be in charge of what they do with their money.

Speaking on the rationale behind the introduction of the app by his company, Nyamali said it was the need to provide access and control to players in the financial space both locally and internationally.

According to him, one of the reasons why people have low appetite for investment and savings is lack of investment information and education which is one of the services the app will be providing to customers.

Investment One, a wholly owned subsidiary of Guaranty Trust Bank was founded in 2018 from a fall out from the Central Bank mandate that commercial banks must divest their non-banking subsidiaries.

 Nyamali explained that the reason why the firm came up with the launch of the app was to complement investor’s perception as many feel the Investment One app of the firm was created only for stockbroking activities. “We wanted something that people can connect with. Most investors say when they go to Investment One, the first thing that comes to their mind is that it is a stockbroking app then. We are changing this narrative by introducing the ‘zing’ investment platform to provide the following services including investment information; financial education; access to investment opportunities; to help customers to track their expenses and bring return on their idle funds, while charging fewer charges compared to other services


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