• Friday, July 12, 2024
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IECS enters market, promises sustainable erosion mitigation


International Erosion Construction Solution (IESC) has officially debuted in Nigeria’s construction solution market with two new products which it says will comfortably reduce the demeaning effect of soil erosion in the country.

Soil erosion which for a long time has posed severe challenges to Nigeria’s economy through the washing away of farmlands, infrastructures and houses have constantly remained a course of concern as most solutions preferred to curb its excesses hardly withstand the test of time.

However, with its status as one of the leading international companies for mitigating soil erosion challenges in the world,  IECS says it will ride on its vast experience spanning over 30 years to provide unparalleled erosion solution with its Cable concrete and Hydromulch solutions.

“As a major manufacturer of erosion control solutions, we are capable of managing erosion challenges of any magnitude with our Cable concrete which is made from air entrained concrete for durability and freeze-thaw fracture resistance,” Louis Arvai, CEO, IECS Canada and Nigeria said at a sensitization seminar on the new product in Lagos recently.

According to him, the Cable concrete which can be used for a High Flow Spillway, Outfall,  River Stabilization, Abutment Scour protection, Low Water crossings, Forebay lining,Boat ramps, Wave Impact protection, Landfill closures, Wingwall protection is a life time solution that ensures sustainability and durability.

Also, the Hydromulch solution which is a protective layer of 100 percent recycled cellulose fibre is a fast, cost effective method of seeding vegetation for land rehabilitation and flood control. Once applied to the soil, it enhances growth by providing an ideal environment for seed germination and turf development.

On the company’s strategy to favourably compete in the market with established firms, Paul Obi, chairman, IECS Nigeria said, “We intend to set our foot running immediately, we are already bidding for projects in some states which we aim to win and when we deliver those projects, our products will speak for itself in terms of cost competitiveness and efficiency.”

The new products is believed to outperform ordinary concrete solution which is dominantly been employed in curbing erosion challenges in the country.

“The new initiative is also another milestone in boosting trade relations between Nigeria and Canada, Imo Ituseli, president, Nigeria-Canadian Business Association, said, adding that new venture was a significant step in boosting economic growth between both countries .