Glenfiddich set to launch Grande Couronne in Nigeria

Glenfiddich, single malt scotch whiskey is set to launch Grande Couronne in Nigeria.

Glenfiddich, recently hosted two exclusive ‘Where Next? Live events in Abuja and Lagos on Saturday, June 27th & Sunday, July 3rd respectively.

The events brought like-minded individuals together and enabled them to foster conversations about creative passions as well as the Grand Composition and the upcoming launch of Glenfiddich Grande Couronne 26-Year-Old, in Nigeria.

The Grand Composition is a series of artistic collaborations, which sees a cross-cultural reimagination of the brand’s Grande Couronne bottle design.

Glenfiddich discovered some of the world’s most exciting artists from 19 countries, including Ayoola Gbolahan from Nigeria, and challenged them to take inspiration from the original design and put their maverick eye to it, turning it into something new, celebratory, fresh, and unexpected.

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The events featured roundtables spearheaded by the Grand Composition local collaborator, Ayoola Gbolahan and other Maverick collaborators who delivered powerful statements of embracing the unknown for meaningful growth.

Both nights started with phenomenal entertainment from the eclectic Soul music group, The Blues Project, followed by the host’s Matilda Duncan (Abuja) and Chico (Lagos), giving a detailed description of the Where Next? ideology.

Guests were served a variety of Glenfiddich-infused cocktails including its signature Mint Julep & Honey Comb, the classic Whiskey Sour and all-time favorite Old Fashion paired perfectly with premium gourmet food by Chef Emeka in Abuja and Afrolems in Lagos.

During both events, guests were given an exclusive preview of Ayoola’s interpretation of the Grande Couronne, which was the highlight of the evening.

The piece will be auctioned at the Grand Composition event scheduled to take place on Sunday, July 18th 2021 and proceeds will be donated to a charitable cause.

Glenfiddich’s Where Next? is an ideology that explores the uncertainties and mastery, which comes with the journey to growth where reaching the top is just the beginning.