• Tuesday, March 05, 2024
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FITC unveils initiative to prepare youths for future work

FITC unveils initiative to prepare youths for future work

FITC, an innovation-led and technology-driven knowledge institution that provides learning, advisory services, and policy advocacy to the Nigerian financial service sector and other sectors of the economy has launched the Future of Work Academy (FOWA) to prepare youths for the 21st-century workplace.

FOWA was unveiled at the highly impactful Future of Work roundtable event organised by FITC themed ‘Building Tomorrow’s Workforce: Equipping Youths for the Jobs of the Future’.

Accelerated by the pandemic, the future of work is being shaped by technology, digital transformation, artificial intelligence, and connectivity driving new talent models and necessitating the expansion of new skills.

In her welcome address, Chizor Malize, managing director and CEO of FITC, emphasized the critical role of the academy in equipping young people with relevant 21st-century workplace skills.

She noted that the future of work is evolving at an unprecedented pace, with rapid advances in technology and automation necessitating the need to prepare the next generation for the jobs of tomorrow, by improving their employability levels and equipping them to thrive in a dynamic and ever-changing work environment.

“The FITC Future of Work Academy is an innovative initiative that is designed to equip the African Youth with relevant workplace skills while building a pipeline of talents for the Nigerian Financial Services Sector, a critical sector to the nation’s economy,” she said.

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Malize underscored FITC’s crucial role in building bridges between the highly creative African youth and organizations seeking appropriate talents to fill their workforce needs. Through FOWA, FITC would initiate employment opportunities through the provision of internships and job placements, making the institution a notable catalyst for development in the region.

Reputed for knowledge innovation, FITC introduces the Future of Work Academy (FOWA) which comprises seven schools namely the School of Data Analytics, School of Data Science, School of Cyber Security, School of Coding, School of Graphic Design, School of Digital Marketing, and School of Product Design and Management.

Aisha Ahmad, deputy governor, of Financial System Stability, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and chairman of the FITC Board emphasized the profound impact of technology globally.

She noted that post the Covid-19 pandemic, technology is at the forefront of transforming the way we live, work, and conduct business with a direct impact on work and the workplace, adding that artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data, are changing work and propelling demand for unique digital innovation, and tech skills.

“FITC’s FOWA initiative recognizes the need to adapt to these shifting trends and help individuals and organizations position themselves to remain relevant in the emerging future” emphasized Ahmad.