• Friday, July 19, 2024
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Firms partner to empower 20,000 youths with digital skills by 2030

Firms partner to empower 20,000 youths with digital skills by 2030

Kedrus Academy, a TechEd startup and Finquest Finance, a lending platform for undergraduates and unemployed graduates, has partnered to train 20,000 youths in data and Artificial Intelligence skills by 2030.

A statement by the academy revealed that the partnership was in recognition of the growing importance of data and artificial intelligence skills in the digital age.

“In 2023, a survey by an online education technology company, GetBundi, indicated that more than 100 million young Nigerians had no digital skills to take up good job opportunities that require such modern skills, while the International Monetary Fund said that AI would impact 40 percent of jobs,” it said.

It said the partnership would offer zero-interest loans to professionals, young Nigerians, and low-income individuals to cover tuition costs in data and AI courses.

“Through the ‘Learn Now, Pay Later’ model, Kedrus Academy and Finquest Finance aim to eliminate financial barriers and empower individuals to launch successful careers in tech,” Stella Justin, founder of Kedrus Academy.

She attests that the partnership supports our mission of training 20,000 professionals and young adults by 2030.