Firm unveils products targeting mass retail market

In a bid to capture Nigeria’s mass retail market, Aspira Nigeria LTD., manufacturers and distributors of dental and laundry care products have unveiled a more economical alternative laundry product, Fizz detergent into the Nigerian market.

“We believe that everyone deserves to have a product that effectively cleans clothes without cleaning out the pockets. So we made Fizz detergent; an effective cleansing detergent powder at an affordable price,” Santosh Kumar, the chief marketing officer of Aspira Nigeria said during a recent market activation.

According to Kumar, the product comes in a bright blue-coloured pack and has a fresh, soothing fragrance that leaves clothes smelling amazing, giving the consumer an experience like no other when washing.

He stated further that the firm is leveraging on the market activation of Fizz detergent, to reaffirm its mission of creating quality products for Nigerians at an affordable cost.

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“Fizz, as its name suggests, is supercharged with powerful ingredients and specially formulated with active stain-removal properties to ensure fabric care, keeping clothes soft and protected.

“With a great price point and impressive performance, Fizz sinks its teeth into the toughest stains leaving you with clean, crisp, and colorful clothes,” Kumar said.

Aspira Nigeria Ltd. is an affiliate of the Lee Group of Companies, and is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of Hygiene Personal care and laundry care products in Nigeria.

According to Kumar, its operations span over a decade with an enduring commitment to quality and a determination to impact consumers’ daily lives through its products.

Aspira Nig. Ltd commenced operations in Nigeria in 2009, and has a range of local production of over eight leading brands of soaps and detergents, including Viva Plus, Siri Soap, Oracare, Sabil, Chic, Family Care, Baby & Me, Fizz, Manuka, and MP3; and a leading manufacturer of petroleum Jelly in Nigeria.