Pocketfuel Unveils Innovative Funding Solution For Quicker SME Loans 

Pocketfuel FinanceLtd, a leading financial services and technology company has launched an innovative funding solution that allows flexibility in loan amounts and quicker processing for SMEs.

The new service provides funding solutions that will drive innovation by offering a range of accessible financial solutions to businesses in Nigeria.

The product was developed following demands for financial aid amid the COVID-19 pandemic that created major set-backs in financial services for businesses.

Fome Amaye, chief executive officer of Pocketfuel Finance Ltd, while speaking at the product launch explained that the fintech company, while taking a critical look at why businesses fail, noticed that they have little capital and zero additional financing.

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“Borrowing customers have a right to varied choices when it comes to credit options. It is this variety, among other increasing preferences of the borrowing public that Pocketfuel Finance Ltd is stepping forward with its value proposition,” Amaye said in a statement.

“At a time when people’s finances can barely accommodate their needs, people shouldn’t have to be inconvenienced to bail others out. Our financial aid solution is unique because there are smart options to choose from. We offer loans and advisory services.”

“Contrary to any preconceived notion of a bandwagon effect, Pocketfuel seeks to bring into the Nigerian fintech space, flexibility in loan amounts and inclusion for the underserved. Businesses can no longer be sustained by personal funds, support from family and friends.

“To grow is to outsource financing needs to a funding partner. The advisory arm of the service offering provides basic consultancy services to assist micro and small businesses develop sustainable models for planning and decision making,” he added.

Speaking also, Yomi Ademola, the company’s COO, further explained how the new product works.

He said Pocketfuel is different from other innovative funding solutions owing to its ability to process loans within 24 hours.

“We are committed to creating lasting relationships: from meeting the ever evolving short term financial needs of individuals, small businesses and associations, to providing equity capital and advisory services to businesses.”

“We do this with an allegiance to transparency, predicated on building a legacy for future generations. Our strength lies in our accountable and resourceful team of professionals who share in the vision, and employ our values in interpreting our goals,” he said.

Since inception, Pocketfuel has been actively expanding its platform capabilities through their equity capital and advisory services to businesses, adding new services to power new ways to provide financial loans while enhancing customer experience and infusing trust across their funding platform. It is now easier than ever to get loans with Pocketfuel.

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