• Saturday, December 09, 2023
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Damilare Baker Projects redefines real estate sector with new innovations, housing standards

Damilare Baker Projects redefines real estate sector with new innovations, housing standards

One of Nigeria’s Leading Property Firm, Damilare Baker Projects takes prides itself in not just building lasting properties but lasting relationships.

The company attests to delivering projects with high level standards employing innovative means and cutting edge technology in the delivery of same whilst at the same time ensuring timely delivery of all their projects and optimally satisfying their clients and subscribers at all times.

Speaking about how they are working towards redefining the sector, it’s CEO, Laolu Alabi had this to say, “So far, we have focused more on residential development. Our Short-term strategy is to build small-sized premium residential enclaves in various locations, especially around the mainland. We are about commencing the 4th of such developments. We have also consulted on a few third party projects prior to going headlong into full development.

“Our plan is to replicate the same standard and façade across all our development enclaves. The idea is to create a brand out of this such that they become reference points all around the city. We are extremely particular about creating the right environment for our buyers; therefore, location is very important to us and hence, we are not quick to jump at any available offer that comes our way in terms of available land.”

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Recently the company alongside other notable companies were awarded the ‘Certificate of Completion and Fitness for Habitation’ by the Lagos State Government.

The Governor in his address stated that the objective of this is to safeguard residents’ lives and address the root causes of building collapse.

He also stated that the fitness certificate was initiated to find a lasting solution to the occurrence of structural defects, building collapse and other building contraventions in line with international best practice, and will be a game changer for house owners and tenants within the metropolis.

Damilare Baker continues to upholds excellence as it’s driving force, ensuring the homes aren’t just constructed for profit only but go the extra mile per time to ensure that each step of building is properly done without losing it’s integrity.

In essence, ensuring that clients are prioritized over profit. “We pride ourselves in saying we don’t build what we can’t live in especially in an industry where you have all sorts of insane practices going on in the name of profit making. We leave no stone unturned and whenever there is a decision to be made where integrity (no matter how little) is put against profit, integrity always wins for us. It’s a no contest,” he added.