• Sunday, June 23, 2024
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CPPL empowers growing businesses to create value

Minister urges investors to take advantage of Nigeria’s environment

Economic conditions in Nigeria may be discouraging, but Customer Passion Point believes that with the right tools, businesses can still thrive. That is what the CPPL monthly training programme is all about – imparting business, empowering skills that enable excellence and tenacity. Business owners and their staff must approach the market with the confidence it requires to win. “When people know how to go about doing their jobs, they excel.

We have begun to empower businesses afresh this 2015. The January edition was a huge success,” says CEO Chinwe Kalu, noting “more than ever before Nigerian businesses need to be adequately equipped to survive these very tough times.”

Participants who attended the training were very happy with what they got out of it. Chinedum Amachi, the head of business solutions at Customer Contact Solutions who is responsible for sales and marketing, comments:

“Members of my team will benefit from my training and I also believe my learnings will contribute more to the growth of my company. I believe I have become a better marketing guru. 100 percent activated for better success. Thank you.”

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Another participant, Abigail Moses Ikhiede, who heads sales and marketing at 3 Way Communications (3WC), has so much to say on different aspects of the programme. “On the knowledge of the subject matter, I found the facilitators insightful, demonstrative and experienced. They are highly experienced professionals with deep and practical examples to buttress their points. I enjoyed the practical exercises too. Overall, my lasting impression is that the CPPL line of thought is extremely persuasive,” she says.

The monthly training programme is designed to impart these skills as practically as possible. “That is why we work with highly experienced facilitators, to ensure that the practicality of the solutions we proffer are easy to replicate,” explains Kalu, saying “there is no point in us doling out information people cannot immediately work with. So, we make the classes really practical. We want the participants to get back to work and know exactly what to do to make them perform better. There must be immediate quick wins as well as long-term positive repercussions for attending the programme.

“This first edition for the 2015 held on the 30th of January. It is our flagship programme that is targeted at growing Nigerian businesses. We are committed to empowering and equipping them with the marketing, sales, customer service and project management skills which will ensure they are appropriately positioned to delight their customers. That is what business is all about – delighting customers at a profit.”

What about the challenges of operating in the Nigerian business terrain, Kalu explains, “there aren’t any business terrains that do not have challenges. Our biggest challenge is to convince business owners that our programmes will make immediate and long-term differences to their operations.

However, we are beginning to crack through that barrier. Those who come want to send more people and also ask for our other training packages.

Because of budget challenges, some send us people monthly to spread the cost.”