• Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Concept Nova battles car vandalism with C-Protect technology


Nigeria’s foremost technology and innovative company, Concept Nova has introduced yet another IT solution, the C-Protect, to tackle the menace of vehicle vandalism in Nigeria.

C-Protect, an anti-glass break solution, is an invisible coat of film which could be installed on car window glasses and vents to prevent the glass from shattering in an event of accidental glass break, theft or vandalism. It drastically reduces the ease of break-in during robbery by over 80 per cent as it is nearly impossible to break the glass even upon multiple hits.

Speaking about the solution, Head, Concept Nova Operations Uche Okoli said in a statement “This anti-glass break solution helps protect motorists who find themselves stuck in traffic jams around high-risk environments, thereby safeguarding lives and property. The protective film serves as a strong adhesive, holding all the pieces together, protecting occupants from injury while denying entry to a potential thief. It also comes with an alarm which has been developed to have a 300 metre radius, to scare invaders away and alert bystanders of a potential robbery.”

According to her, the solution is a technology product carefully designed and developed as a high measure of protection to meet the needs of the urban car users who face the threat of car vandalism daily especially on our traffic prone roads, night clubs, parties and at other public places.

She noted in the statement that the protective film can also be used to protect glass windows in a building, providing the same benefits, adding that other features of the technology include: Availability in optically clear version, prevention of deadly flying glass stemming from vehicle accidents and creation of an invisible coat of armour between you and violent assailants.

She said: “In a city like Lagos for instance, it is not uncommon for armed bandits to attack innocent motorist trapped in the traffic, endangering their lives and destroying their vehicles in the process. But with this solution, providing the needed extra protection, the vehicle owners take their safety into their own hands and ensures no invader gets access to him even through such violent means.”

She added: “Besides taking these precautions at high risk environment, this technology offers total protection for any user in the event of any incident that may result in vehicle vandalism. It is affordable, clean, simple to use and does not result in any disfigurement on any vehicle it is applied.”


Daniel Obi