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BOSH Stays launches initiative to reward guests, associate partners

BOSH Stays launches initiative to reward guests, associate partners

BOSH Stays, a short let rental company in Nigeria and Africa announced the introduction of her rewards program which is to commence fully from Sep 1, 2022.

The company’s new simplified loyalty program offers a more rewarding stay experience with the opportunity to earn while ‘chilling’ or referring. These points are earned post-booking or referring someone to stay (not retroactively).

“We are non-existent without our guests and partners. So, this is our way of rewarding loyalty and appreciating existing business relationships. We are all for putting smiles on the faces of our partners and guests and we will seize every opportunity to do so,” said Toyosi Adeyemoh, BOSH Stays country manager for Nigeria.

“Our guests and partners give us their time and loyalty by using our platform which is pivotal to the success and growth of BOSH Corporation as a whole. So, we have set out rewards to thank and build relationships with them.

Whether guests book a stay or our partners refer someone to stay, rewards are issued to both parties. We are excited about this rewards program. It is unlike any other in our industry,” said Chris Arimih, vice president of products and rewards at BOSH.

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According to the company, BOSH Stays have always been synonymous with value and have built a fantastic rewards program, which they consider a critical element in delivering an outstanding experience for guests and associates partners.

BOSH Stays rewards program for guests and associates who join the referral programs are assured of rewards, guests earn 1 reward point per stay. Points are earned post-booking a stay and guests are entitled to redeem rewards once they reach a threshold of 100 reward points.

Associate partners earn 4 reward points per stay of the guests they refer. These reward points can instantly be redeemed in fiat, upon confirmation of guest payment by BOSH Stays.

BOSH Stays will send guests reminders when they have reward points to spend, guests and associates can redeem and spend their rewards.