• Monday, July 22, 2024
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Baobab Nigeria launches new savings product

Baobab Nigeria launches new savings product

Baobab Nigeria, a subsidiary of Baobab Group, has introduced into the financial market a savings application product known as Jollof+.

The savings platform is designed to provide individuals and families with easy access to high-interest savings accounts, fostering financial growth and security.

“Jollof+ is a cutting-edge savings application offered by Baobab Nigeria that is focused on mitigating the negative impact of inflation on the savings of Nigerians, said, Eric Ntumba, acting CEO.

According to him, Jollof+ is an innovative financial platform that integrates four savings options into a user-friendly mobile app. Available for download on both the App Store and Google Play, Jollof+ ensures that users can manage their financial activities seamlessly, whether they are saving for a future goal or just interested in cultivating a healthy saving habit while enjoying the best interest in the market.

The bank offers four key saving options and features, which include, JollofLock, Ajo+, BabyBox, and Jolloflex.

JollofLock allows users to lock their funds for a specified period, earning higher interest rates compared to regular savings accounts. Interest on this plan is 24 percent per annum (p.a). In terms of benefits, it is ideal for medium- to long-term savings goals, Interest on savings paid upfront. The product helps users maximize their returns by committing their savings for fixed durations.