Asankoko Group flags off Malaysian operations

Asia-Nigeria bilateral trade and investment development firm, Asankoko Group, has flagged off operations in Malaysia through its Malaysian arm, Asankoko Worldwide Innovation Malaysia Sdn Bhd, which works directly with Asankoko International Limited, Nigeria.

Olawale Ayinla, founder and CEO of Asankoko Group, made the disclosure at the flag-off ceremony in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Ayinla said this development comes with the launch of a bilateral trade and investment platform designed to create a win-win business synergy between Asia and Africa with Malaysia and Nigeria as operational hubs respectively.

“With this platform, we are enabled to facilitate technology transfer between investors in Malaysia and Nigeria in the areas of construction and engineering infrastructure development, affordable housing projects, mineral commodities development, agricultural commodities development, and more. Through these efforts, valuable products will be developed for the African market through the African continental free trade,” he said.

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Part of the bilateral trade development will include the facilitation of Barter Trade that will avail the two countries the opportunity and platform to explore various potential leads and business prospects with a view to industrialising synergistic assets in both countries.

Present at the event were Khairy Mohd Maiden, director, Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE); Oluwatoyin Salami, Economic Counsel at the Nigeria High Commissioner, Malaysia; R. J. Liow, chairman of the Asia Africa Chamber of Commerce (AACC); Noor Shazreena Ishak, CEO, Bio-Angle Vacs, Malaysia; Raj Chandra, CEO, Angun Rezeki, Sdn Bhd among others.

With this development, Ayinla said the Nigeria operations will now be working on plans such as the development of the proposed African Village Market (AVM), which will sit on one thousand hectares of land and will serve as an industrial hub that connects Asian investors and technical partners with Nigerian resources and manpower. He also said the Malaysia Traders Market (MTM) platform will also be in the pipeline as a strategic bilateral trade and investment platform that will be a one-stop trade centre for Malaysian products and services in Nigeria under free trade zones arrangements towards the utilisation of Nigerian resources for economic growth of Nigeria and Malaysia. “Here, commodities and goods from Malaysia and Nigeria will be bartered to promote further trade growth between the two countries,” Ayinla said.

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