Access Bank’s new touch-point offers customers self-service, digital experience

Access Bank Plc has opened a new touch-point experience Center called AccessX, which offers 100 percent digital, speed and self-service experience to customers.

The biggest retail bank in Africa said the reason for the development is because it is customer focused and digital-led.

Consequently, the bank is making plans to in the next quarter, open more in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt

Because we are digitally focused, we have to serve a whole bunch of these customers digitally, said Victor Etuokwu, executive director, retail banking.

He said one key vision point and ambition that the bank has is to bank one in every two Nigerians. “To be able to bank one in every two Nigerians, we have to increase the touch-point where these Nigerians can access our services, and digital clearly is the easiest way”.

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“Being digital means, you need service, you need support. So AccessX is an additional touch-point for our customers. It is in recognition of the fact that 90 percent of our transactions and engagement with our customers is digital and so those customers require support in some form, either on their card, USSD, internet banking, mobile or for merchant, their merchant acquisition platforms or payment platform,” Etuokwu said.

Daniel Akumabor, chief technology officer – Channels, said the Experience center is a very good example or demonstration of being customer-led digital focus.

He said a customer can walk into AccessX to resolve some challenges, make inquiries, lodge complaints, and requests, across the bank’s digital channels.

He explained digital channels to mean transaction cards, USSD, mobile, internet banking and others for corporate customers.

“We are very innovative. We have our own solutions to bring to the market. We have face pay, swift pay, merchant acquiring solution for customers, he said.

Akumabor said “this gives opportunity for our customers to have a full digital experience, they get exposed to all our channels. It also helps to get feedback to improve our channels. We can see the way our customers are interacting with our channels and we get that feedback”.

Continuing, he said, “It is also about the speed of response at the point of service. This is the first experience for Access Bank, for any bank in Nigeria and any part of Africa. This is not the last one. We are opening more. We expect within the next quarter to open some more. We are opening few more in Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt as the second wave and we will increasingly roll out more to give this experience across Nigeria”.

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