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When your daughters make you proud  

So when I had them I already had three adorable children. And then they came along, cute as buttons, Eucharia Ojotule Oiza Abu and then followed closely by Eugenia Unekwuojo Meyi Abu and landed me a never dying title of “Iya Ibeji”. Once I had them, people began to act like I had no other children. When you have twins, they kind of nearly obliterate all your other children but in a sweet sort of way. Funny, witty, tongue in cheek and hilarious, the twins have always been a feature in our lexicon since they came along those many years ago. Then they added cuteness to their resume and give us all a reason to smile.

In addition, they added kindness to it in these uncertain times when kindness is old fashioned, these girls continue to offer whatever they have to people in need including scam artists who take others for granted pretending to be friends. In all of the mix, they are also identical. And for the longest while they were still babies, I could not tell them apart. But now they are grown with their own personalities and showing their craft in all they do. Singers and songwriters, Meyi and Oiza have continued to grow in their strides with great lyrics all written by them, great humour to pepper the songs and themes that are often outside the box.

Interesting how creative talent can spread all around in a zone that carries creative juices. I wish I could sing but my husband, the amazing Thompson Abu does and has now gifted them to his twin daughters. But they really are not the first of his daughters to sing. His first daughter elect as he calls her, the unstoppable and amazing Sophia Abu had been singing before the twins were born. Now she crunches financial literature and you can catch her occasionally humming in her bathroom. Perhaps if I had paid more attention, we would have been earning eight figures from her talent. Indeed, she was and still is a nightingale. Love you Sophie, I know you might still give that voice a push. An acapella? Wink, wink!

 Being creative myself, I know the many nights of crumpled paper, a sentence not adding up and a word that simply fails you at 2am. But when it comes, it’s like a torrent, like you washed your face with special water and your creative juices are flowing

But lately the ubiquitous and very talented twins have moved into a bathroom in the house and turned it into a studio leading to quite an internet thing. I want you all to know how proud I am of my children every time they do something worthy and they do a lot of the times. So songs from a bathroom are trending and my lovely daughters are giving me reasons to smile and even hum a tune or two. I sing just for leisure or in church but these ones burst a beat and add lyrics to it. A true gift from God. Now people are calling me from everywhere. I see you all but now is the time to pause a little and be thankful for their talent. For all those who called, I am thankful. And for those who do not know, find Oiza and Meyi on line and enjoy their wit, humour and quirky lyrics.

By the way, Oiza is a thespian and stage director and Meyi is a textile artist. I am humbled that the lord chose my home for them to grow. It is humbling when you see your off springs doing well.

Being creative myself, I know the many nights of crumpled paper, a sentence not adding up and a word that simply fails you at 2am. But when it comes, it’s like a torrent, like you washed your face with special water and your creative juices are flowing. I have watched Meyi painstakingly teach herself to play the guitar and Oiza write and re-write those lyrics. That they can laugh at themselves is a bonus. Creative people are the most fragile people on earth, always full of self-doubt. But guess what girls, you make me mighty proud and if I was not restraining myself, I would have gone on a rooftop to let people know that I have super talented daughters who I am truly proud of. May you remain authentic and organic and not like all those people trying too hard. May you remain humble and keep your feet firmly on the ground. May you always be true to yourselves. May you always remember that talent is a gift to be nurtured and be thankful for. May you always be spiritual, kind and keep family and the almighty on your front burner. Let the congregation say Amen.

So there I said it. If I don’t say so often, it’s not that I don’t believe in you because I do. Gee! I wish I could sing like you and be funny and be pretty like you guys and still cook a mean Egusi soup and gourmet spaghetti.

We parents may be a little less forth coming about how proud we are of our children, it’s an African thing so it does not go to your head. But it’s official now. I am mighty proud of you. I pray for your singing ministry and would be the first to buy your ticket at your first ever show and anyone after that and always and will be that annoying woman shouting in the front row. I love you guys. You rock. God enable you, elevate you and grant you success in all you do. There done and dusted.




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