• Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Timeless ways to monetise your weekends


One of the fastest ways to increase your disposable income is to immediately reduce your expenses…the second is to increase your inflow. Today’s topic and its lessons were picked up from a chat I had on a trip to the unpredictable Lagos Island. I asked my driver how she got into ride-hailing services and a full blown conversation ensued. Not only did Onuh have a 9-5 on weekdays, she also has a full-time family to care for in what’s left of the hours of the day. And so when they didn’t have an obligation on the weekend, the Onuhs took their cars out and made extra cash driving strictly on the island… Encouraging isn’t it?

With what near-lasting effects that the pandemic, the fuel-price hike and the dollar scarcity have caused, we truly cannot afford to sleep with both eyes closed. Because you cannot make something out of nothing, I’m sharing 5 timeless ways to monetise your weekends starting this weekend focusing on what you already have.

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Drive for a ride-hailing service: You enjoy driving. You have great inter-personal skills. You have a car. You have a free weekend. Why not just drive for Uber or Bolt, or any of the newer companies coming up on the radar? I was so inspired by Onuh’s story that for obvious reasons, this shows up as number 1 on this list.

Have a yard sale: When we hear of yard sales, we immediately think of the western way of doing a proper block party with wares set out like in a market. It will surprise you to learn that there are apps and websites for this now. Are there functional things you or your family do not have a need for any longer? Old baby stuff, electronics, clothing or jewellery? Take advantage of your social media accounts to get rid of them in exchange for some cash.

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Monetise your hobbies: Turn your hobby into a business! Is there some skill you are particularly good at such as cooking, sewing, painting or photography to name a few? Weekends are a great time to take advantage of your gifts, no pressure. Who knows what this little hobby might fetch you if you just paid it a little more attention.

Tutor students: You’re smart. You have free time during the weekend. You have kids around you just running around. Why not offer some of your academic skills to their family? I personally had the time of my life teaching inter-city kids and remain one of my fondest memories as a young adult. Kids are now returning to school, meaning they’ll need all the help they can get to catch up. Once more, talk to parents in your circle on your social networks and see what’s best for you and the kids right now.

Blog: Do you experience life in the most interesting ways or find a flair for fashion, make-up or art? Here’s an opportunity to write or vlog about it! The road to making that cool cash with this idea can be long at first but being productive now is way more fulfilling than asking “what if” many years later.

If you’re up to the task, pick one thing you know you can monetise on your weekends (only things you can monetise), and just start. I want you to get into the habit of intentionally using your time and energy for profitable things. And while you’re at it, make sure you watch your cash flow to be absolutely certain that your finances are changing with your efforts. Good luck!

Kanu holds an MBA from Stanford University, a master’s in Journalism from NYU and a bachelor’s in Engineering from Calvin College. His career has included time at Konga, Amazon, The United Nations, Esquire, CNN, and Black Enterprise magazine. Armed with a strong conviction that you can live a great life no matter how much money you have, JR founded REACH Technologies, www.reach.africa. His company builds software to help young people and companies to manage and grow their money.