• Sunday, February 25, 2024
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TEDx Bauchi 2023: In addition

TEDx Bauchi 2023: In addition

Last week Saturday, 1, 000 persons gathered at the Bauchi event centre to listen to top of the range speakers, and mostly young people, deliver their Ted talks in the most amazing way.

I headed out to Bauchi as I had been requested to join the array of brilliant speakers and performers. I learnt a lot from my fellow speakers, but that I would share subsequently. I spoke about “The many knots of success.” As you already know, Ted Talks are no longer than 18 minutes. That is the tradition.

I spoke about the many obstacles that can stand in the way of rising and the meaning of success. I told my teeming listeners that success is not just about acquisition of luxury items, cars, houses, jewellery etcetera. But it was also about contentment, peace of mind and whose life trajectory you had impacted or changed for the better.

Changing narratives can only be successful if someone is being impacted positively as we continue in our life’s journey

The theme for Tedx Bauchi 2023 was “Changing the Narrative.” I told the audience that changing narratives can only be successful if someone is being impacted positively as we continue in our life’s journey. I had mounted the stage with a rope I had made into a knot explaining that a knot can either hang you or secure you. A symbolism that ran through my presentation.

So I laid some of the knots to success bare to include laziness, self-entitlement, stress, ill health, and etcetera. Then I unpacked it with some of the things for untying the knot to include being stress free, looking after one’s health, being hardworking, respect, charity, surrounding oneself with cheerleaders and family as well as holding on to God.

I wish to add a couple of things to that talk which although unspoken were implied.

a) We have always heard of dreaming large. It’s a mantra I have. Dream in technicolour I say to my mentees, but we always forget to add that you can dream large but don’t dream ridiculous. If you can’t sing and you want to be a singer, then that’s a ridiculous dream. You don’t have the voice, and it cannot be trained. Move on. Stop hitting your head on the wrong wall. It’s a waste of time. Dream large, but let it make sense.

b) Find a mentor or two.

c) Don’t try to be anyone else just to trend. Be yourself. My father used to say do not be like the Joneses, be the Jones.

d) Keep the right friends, the ones who can improve you and who you can learn from.

e) Pick the right partner. Your choice of wife or husband would determine how successful you are in life.

f) Have multiple streams of income.

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I was inspired by the many young people who came to listen. Over 1,000 strong is a large number. They were hungry for knowledge. The speakers were phenomenal, and the organisation was top notch. Then, there were performances by Keengz and BOC. Fantastic! And a performance poet.

The conversation from Tedx Bauchi is an ongoing one. So much to talk about. So much to learn. I thank my fellow speakers, the attendees, the volunteers, the curator, the organisers. It was beautiful and an opportunity of a lifetime.

I wish there were fewer knots. We can reduce them, but they never all go away, because overall we are human beings, flawed but not broken. May we continue to rise with fewer knots to success. Amen.

Tedx Bauchi was lit! And I am honoured to have been a Speaker.