• Sunday, June 23, 2024
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Now to cut our coats

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As the discourse on fuel subsidy and its savings that accrue continue to rage, I just sit and watch how my 20,000 naira fuel which used to last me 2 weeks is finished in three days. So I have devised several methods and methodologies of cutting my coat according to my size.

There are no chances for excesses anymore. If I am 58 length of coat, no one should now make me sew a coat that is 62. I am in fact in that place where I might do very well with 57 and a half and save half an inch for other matters.

Government says the money from the savings of the subsidy is to make us more comfortable and provide services. Let us wait and see. They are working on palliative. Okay then. But I am retired from active public service and now run my own business in the private sector space while still working with government. So here are my coat cutting tips.

1) Make a list of where you need to go in the day. Organise all of it in the same envelope. So if you have stuff around Gwarimpa. Do other places around Gwarimpa on the same day in the same breath.

2) Co- share with friends and colleagues going the same way. No need to take two cars from the same family to a wedding. What’s your point? Are you a multi- zillionaire? Go with friends in the same car and agree to leave together. That way you are organised and less fuel.

3) You can no longer be cruising on the best roads in town because you want to take air. That let me just take breeze nonsense will no longer work.

4) If you forget anything; your phone, a purse at a friend’s place. It’s okay. When someone coming your way visits in two days’ time, they will bring it. Trust me. You won’t die.

5) That AC hmmm…do you really need it. It’s raining monkeys and its freezing cold. We put the ac on to show bigness. My sister, let the glass down. Get fresh air.

6) If you bought a big car to show off before, here is your chance to sell your fuel guzzling car and replace it with a smaller fuel efficient car. Yes Indeed. And guess what. You will also get some change to even do other pressing things.

7) Although our bicycle riding minister, the erudite Ojo Madueke is gone, his ideas remain with us. Use a bicycle. Save the environment. I am about to start a bicycle riding school and you can carry a passenger for lunch money.

8) I wonder if the girls are still insisting on a boyfriend with a car. Keke napep is a good option. It’s fancy and sexy.

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9) How about we all pool ourselves to go to work, drop kids at school etcetera. This is good for community. We get to know each other well, if we live in one estate.

10) Light rail train in all the cities will be good. Most great countries use less cars and save the environment. It is time.

Finally. Let’s see what the technology of electric cars would be like. In addition we can now attend weddings by zoom. That would be brilliant. We do not all have to be there. Yes now!

Everything will be alright. Las, Las have faith my people. Let’s be creative. It is in us. Cut your coat! Shikena!