For the record: Tinubu is a documented drug-trafficker (2)

Bola Tinubu, the presidential candidate of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) is a documented drug-trafficker. Mr Tinubu is not fit to be president. David Hundeyin, a BusinessDay columnist, presented overwhelming evidence of Mr Tinubu’s drug-trafficking past in an article on July 13th, 2022 (, which for some bizarre reason has been slow to make it to the mainstream Nigerian media. I present for the record cogent details about the evidence Mr Hundeyin so courageously unearthed. Excerpts viz. (Part 2)


Filed on Jul 26 1993

H. Stuart Cunningham

Clerk, U.S. District Court

State of Illinois

County of Cook

KEVIN MOSS, being duly sworn on oath, deposes and states as follows:

1. I have been a Special Agent with the Internal Revenue Service (hereafter “IRS”), in the Criminal Investigation Division, for over fifteen (15) years.

2. As is detailed more specifically below, there is possible cause to believe that funds in certain bank accounts controlled by BOLA TINUBU, were involved in financial transactions in violation of 18 U.S.C. &&1956 and 1957 and represent proceeds of drug trafficking; therefore these funds are forfeitable to the United States under 18 U.S.C. &981 and 21 U.S.C. &881 (a)(6).

3. My responsibilities include the investigation of tax fraud and other financial crimes, including money laundering. I have become familiar with the methods commonly used to launder money by persons engaged in narcotics trafficking through training and experience. I have also discussed and compared information that I have about the methods used to launder money with other experienced federal, state and local law enforcement agents. Through training and experience, I have learned that narcotics traffickers must take steps to conceal their receipt of huge cash proceeds that represent the profits received from the operation of their narcotics trafficking organizations.

These steps include hiding large amounts of cash in safety deposit boxes or other concealed safes and “laundering” the cash through financial transactions. Often to disguise their involvement in the transaction, the drug dealers make use of nominees and/or aliases. Drug traffickers commonly purchase assets with U.S. currency to reduce or eliminate the paper trail generated by their financial transactions. Frequently, when individuals involved in narcotics trafficking acquire assets or expend money, they do so using relatives, associates, nominees and/or aliases. These tactics promote the operation of the narcotics enterprise and conceal or disguise the nature, the location, the source, the ownership, or the control of the proceeds of the narcotics enterprise. Also I have known individuals, who derive income from narcotics trafficking, to engage in monetary transactions with property valued in excess of $10,000 that has been derived from criminal activity in violation of 18 U.S.C. &1957.

4. As part of my duties and responsibilities as a Special Agent with the IRS, I have been involved with other agents in an investigation of money laundering of the proceeds of a heroin distribution organization in the Chicago area. One aspect of this investigation concerns the money laundering activities of ADEGBOYEGA MUEEZ AKANDE. Through my own participation in this investigation and through information provided to me by other Special Agents of IRS, Drug Enforcement Administration in Hammond, Indiana (hereafter “DEA”) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Merrillville, Indiana (hereafter “FBI”), I am familiar with all aspects of this investigation. The statements contained in this affidavit are based in part on information provided by Special Agents of the IRS, DEA, FBI, on information provided by confidential sources, and on my experience and background as a Special Agent of the IRS.

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5. During this investigation, I have reviewed financial documents, including bank statements, currency transaction reports, (hereafter CTRs), copies of money orders, cashier’s checks and tax returns pertinent to this investigation and IRS records for the filing of 8300 forms. In addition to these documents, I have reviewed records of wire transfers of huge amounts of cash generated by individuals who are believed to be members of this heroin distribution organization.

6. Through my experience as a law enforcement officer, I have learned that huge amounts of cash, often in small denominations, pose a significant logistical problem to drug traffickers. Thus, drug trafffickers have a need to transform their illegal money into assets that appear to have been legitimately obtained or earned. This process usually entails the integration of the illegally obtained money into the banking system where it can be transferred to other accounts, both within the United States and overseas.

The biggest hurdle in accomplishing this goal is often the initial integration of the illegal money into the banking system, in such a way that it appears legitimate, and the avoidance of IRS filing and reporting requirements. Debriefings of narcotics traffickers and their associates by IRS, DEA and FBI Special Agents have revealed that these individuals are well aware of the paper trail that is created when cash over $10,000 is brought to a financial institution, and that they seek ways to avoid that paper trail.

See link to cache of US court documents as facilitated by Mr Hundeyin in his July 13th 2022 article viz.

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