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First leadThe very last salute for Admiral Patrick Seubo Koshoni (2)

Patrick Seubo Koshoni attended St. Finbarr’s College, Akoka where he came under the tutelage of the legendary Rev. Denis Joseph Patrick Slattery. Seubo was a very bright student and accomplished sportsman (football, tennis and squash). His choice of the Navy for his career was somewhat a surprise. He rose rapidly and capped it by rising to the pinnacle – Chief of Naval Staff.

Long after Kakawa Street, he was now ensconced at his official residence at Queen’s Drive (now Lady Oyinkan Abayomi Drive) in super exclusive Ikoyi. He had married his long-standing girlfriend Deroju Akintoye (a princess from a Lagos Royal family) on 19th November 1966. They were blessed with four children Patrick Gbetigan; Kenneth Meyinse; Leonard Sepodosesi and Rowland Viyan.

We were all so proud of Seubo. The only exception was Peter. I was just about to enter the Cathedral Church of Christ, Marina when I bumped into Peter. He was holding a newspaper with the photograph of Admiral Patrick Seubo Koshoni, the new Chief of Naval Staff on the front-page. Before I could say a word, Peter declared.

“Of course, J.K. Randle I recognise you. I know you and Patrick Ani (ex-King’s College) are chartered accountants. This country is finished. Finito. I am emigrating to the United States of America or Canada. Can you imagine Sunny Kuku is a doctor, so is Samuel Adeniyi-Jones? Even George Amu is a Bishop!! God have mercy. Segun Osoba is Governor of Ogun State and now Patrick Seubo Koshoni is Chief of Naval Staff. I understand you are the Chairman of KPMG Nigeria and Chairman of KPMG Africa as well as President of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria [ICAN]; Chairman of Musical Society of Nigeria; Chairman Eko Hotels Limited; Chairman of Grant Advertising; Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of the Governing Council of Lagos State University etc. I have read all your books – “The Godfather Never Sleeps” and all the other twenty books.

It was quite a scene – right there on the hallowed steps of the church. Everyone was in stitches.

As if he was not done yet, he added:

“Benjamin Ohaeri (ex-St. Gregory’s College) is now a doctor and Tunde ColeOnitiri (Ex-King’s College) is now a Professor of Medicine.”

Then he was back to George Amu. “Even George sef is a Bishop for real.” He was in hysterics.

“No wonder the country is in turmoil and disintegrating at the edges.”

The least I could do was to assure Peter that with Seubo in the Supreme Military Council all hope was not lost. The ship of state would land safely. Patrick Seubo Koshoni was resplendent in his spotless white uniform with impressive epaulettes and a chest-full of service medals. There was no hint of our nightclubbing and bar-crawling – Kakadu; Caban Bamboo; Maharani; Dressler and of course Tinnaz parties at J.K. Randle Memorial Hall.

When I visited Seubo at his Calabar base, he hosted me to a superlative dinner. He regaled the guests with tales of our long past marathon boozing sessions. Sedowe his brother was the undisputed champion. He would drink any contender “under the table”. Legless. “Egbon” as we all fondly called him was an advertisement for serious drinking: “O mu nkan!!”

Admiral Patrick Seubo Koshoni will be buried on Thursday 13th February 2020 in his full uniform with his boots on.

May his soul rest in perfect peace.


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