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2022 – Youth advisory

Youth empowerment, upskilling in focus as Foundation hosts Thinkation 2024

My sister’s grandson Ray, named himself The Future when he was only seven years. It was a name he bore well. He reminded everyone that he was the future, strutting around and feeling confident in himself. As an angling 16-year-old, he still sees himself as the future, brilliant and self-assured but does he have the wherewithal to deal with tomorrow?

Therein lies today’s challenge in respect of the youth of today. Today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders true but I wonder if some youths are ready. I have always told young persons when I mentor, that there are certain things that they need to pay attention to, to take them further. I hope they take these thoughts on board this year.

1) The world owes you nothing so don’t feel self-entitled. If your parents or a helper has helped you along, be grateful. It’s a bonus. No one owes you so be careful how you curl your lips and make demands of your destiny helper even if they are your parents as you may lose your deposit because of brashness, rudeness, and your self-entitled nonsense.

2) Hardwork never kills. This is so important because young people who work hard can chill with the big boys. They see their sweat and often would be well regarded.

Money is not everything but it certainly counts. Build strong relationships and deep friendships

3) Television and the Internet do not have all the answers. Cultures are significantly different. You are Nigerian. Hold unto our positive values, not the one that says you do not owe anyone greeting or deferment.

4) Your parents are not your servants or your enemies. At this point, you should ask questions humbly and be thankful for all they have done for you. Even if you disagree, mind your language. This is when you should now look after them and then try and understand each other.

5) Everything is not Intelligence Quotient. I teach leadership and what it takes to be a CEO at the Africa Center for Leadership and strategy. Emotional and Political quotient matters.

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6) Family is everything. Most of them mean you well. Don’t cut your ties. A lot of mental health issues are caused by the fact that such people are not rooted and feel lost in the world.

7) Money is not everything but it certainly counts. Build strong relationships and deep friendships. I have stayed in touch with many of my classmates and it keeps me centered.

8) Join a political party as Barrack Obama did. And learn that you cannot be a Senator in the next cycle of elections by joining. You have to be mentored, volunteer, bid your time. While we all agree that some members of the older generation should have left the scene a long time ago seeing most have held unto the space with nothing to offer, however, young persons who go forth must prepare to follow the process, and do right by their communities.

9) Dressing decently is critical no matter what part of the world you are in. It may be easy to say Decency is contextual and who is deciding. But you know indecent dressing including walking around with no clothes on is an offence even in a place like London; classified as indecent exposure. Also, I doubt that you will receive applause for turning up in ripped Jeans for a job interview even in Entertainment except you are performing.

10) Be wise. If there is something that you keep doing that everyone is complaining about, check yourself. Don’t be a fool. A fool is a fool in any clime and in any generation.

11) Cultivate people. Don’t call people only when you need help. Don’t call only because you need a favour. Call. Say hello.

Those who imbibe most of these thoughts and advice will go very far. I wish you a successful generational takeover but put in the work.

Peace and a good 2022 to the youths.