• Tuesday, March 05, 2024
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Singapore businessman calls for right partnership to boost investment in Nigeria


Mohamed Ismail, the Chief Executive Officer, PropNex International Property Management Singapore, on Tuesday called for the `right’ partnership with relevant organisations to boost investment in Nigeria.

Ismail said that Nigerians had great potential and passion that could transcend to entrepreneurship for economic development of the country.

The businessman said that with the potentials of Nigerians, all that companies in Singapore and other countries needed to do was to add value to such partnership.

He added that “as long as we can find the trust and the confidence on the right group of people in business, investment is sure.

“Our fears as investors are that we may have business proposals but do not want to go into a business unless we know the right people in the business.

“But with this kind of Nigeria-Singapore business forum, coming together has given us more opportunities in the future through the Nigeria embassy and hopefully we can get connected for the right set of partnership.

“I am saying like-minded people of a similar industry come together and have partnership; one of the challenges of finding the right partner is that it takes time.

“I think looking at Nigeria, the potentials of the people willing to work hard and the government being so supportive, this is really a good platform.

“The next thing here is the coming together with the right matching vision of Singapore company and the goals and the vision of the Nigerian enterprises.

“If this comes hand in hand, I think is a huge potential.

“I am happy to hear that Nigeria leadership is working towards a totally corrupt free country, which is the first thing one has to eradicate.

“As long as you continue to help tackle corruption, there would be motivation to invest”.

Ismail said that after the eradication of corruption, the next stage of focus should be on infrastructure and transparency of the people.

“When people are not transparent, they become an obstacle to development.

“So as long as Nigeria makes way to be corrupt free with the right infrastructure and be transparent in building the business system and processes, I think just a matter of time with the right vision and focus, Nigeria will get there,’’ he added.