• Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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Interest grows on Montaudon as it debutes in Nigeria


Josephine Baker was a phenomenal woman: actress, singer, dancer and civil rights activist. The Nobel Laureate Ernest Hemingway described her as “the most sensational woman anybody ever saw, or ever will.” Martin Luther King’s wife, Coretta, offered her the leadership of the American civil rights movement, after King’s assassination in 1963. Upon her death in 1976, she received a French military funeral,

having being honoured decades earlier with the military honour, the Croix de guerre.

Josephine Baker was also a lover of Montaudon, the champagne brand founded in 1891 by French winemaker Auguste Louis Montaudon. In 1936 she signed a deal with Montaudon to supply her cabaret clubs in Paris.

Seven-and-half decades on, Montaudon, holding on firmly to the qualities of Tradition and Quality that endeared it to Ms.

Baker, sells more than two million bottles across 28 countries worldwide, annually.

Now, courtesy of Jide Adenuga, the brand is making its entry into Africa’s biggest champagne market.

“We are proud to be the sole importers of these exclusive Champagnes in Nigeria, and we expect Champagne Montaudon to appeal particularly to all lovers of quality Champagne,” says Adenuga.

Montaudon comes in six blends, to cater to a wide range of tastes: Réserve Première

Brut, Réserve Première Demi-Sec, Chardonnay Premier Cru, Grande Rose, Brut Millesime 2002 and Classe M (the prestige cuvee).

With the entry of Montaudon into Nigeria, the country’s love affair with fine wine — dating back decades — is set to step to another level.

“Montaudon will be running a special introductory promotion. We want Nigerians to join in and have fun by ordering Montaudon ‘in French’. Anyone who orders “MON-TOE-DON”, even in a slightly French accent, will qualify for a special discount,” says Adenuga