• Saturday, April 13, 2024
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How rice fared in 2019: Highlights from the Nigeria Rice Industry Report 2020


In the Rice Industry Report 2020, which is produced by BusinessDay Research & Intelligence Unit (BRIU) and that will be released by month-end, we bring to the attention of our readers the global trends, new developments and opportunities in the rice industry.

In 2019, the global grain production sits on a production quantity of 2.63 billion metric tons. From this, the production of corn and wheat came to 1.1 billion metric tons and 731.45 million metric tons respectively, while rice paddy amounted to 728.07 million metric tons (MMT) (Statista figure, 2018) and milled production at 499.2 MMT worldwide respectively.

Of the total worldwide grain produced in 2019, rice paddy production (or milled) alone had a share of 27.72 per cent (or 19 per cent). Based on the volume of production in 2019, rice emerged as the world’s third most-produced cereal crop after maize (1.12 billion metric tons) and wheat (731.45 MMT). It is grown in more than a hundred countries on a total harvested area of approximately 162.71 million hectares worldwide in 2019.

Global production of major grain-crops showed decreased production in corn and sorghum at a year-on-year (YoY) decline of 0.99 per cent and 3.77 per cent respectively. Whereas, there was an increase in the quantities produced of  wheat, rice, barley, oats and rye.

In 2019, the yield of rice measured in metric tons per hectare (t/h) was up by 1.10 per cent globally to 4.58 t/h from 4.53 t/h from the previous year.

Asia generally was prevalent in milled production by far among other regions. Sub-Saharan Africa trails Asia with a milled production quantity of 18.60 MMT which is about 3.09 MMT larger than that of South America.

Nearly 447.35 MMT of rice is grown in Asia (East, South, South-East), representing 90.07 per cent of global production (496.67 MT). In Sub-Saharan Africa, 18.60 MMT representing 3.75 per cent of the global production of milled rice was produced in the same year.

As the global milled production witnessed 0.88 per cent increase from 494.83 MMT in 2018 to 499.18 MMT in 2019, global consumption further increased by 0.95 per cent from 482.161 MMT to 486.747 MMT within the same period. Contrary to the growth in production (milled), world acreage lowered by 0.15 per cent from 162.95 million hectares in 2019 to 162.71 million hectares in 2019.