• Saturday, April 13, 2024
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‘At Zikavillareel our passion is to make people look good’


First, the name of this place is Zikavillareel. It is a health resort (spa) – a home for peace and a place that you could relax, and it also serves as a wellness centre. The aim is for people to be healthy after stress, both on and off their work places. Most times, people get pained as a result of the nature of their jobs, because they go through stress. So, instead of taking drugs or other likely substances, we have a health resort here where one can have a healthy massage and we have various facilities for that purpose. It would relax you, take away tension from you and ensure you have a feel of wellness again.

We have different kinds of massage. If you are always sedentary at the office and you do not move around much at your workplace, we have the deep tissue massage, and a more relaxing massage. We will work on your neck and waist so that your blood can pump adequately and fastidiously too. We have the relaxing massage, the deep tissue massage, the Thai massage, mother-to-be massage and the child massage and the hot stone massage, mostly to take care of severe body pain.

The hot stone massage penetrates the blood system. We have a total package. On the facials, we have purifying facials, acne facials, smoothing and anti-ageing facials, depending on the kind one would like to choose and the kind of face one has. After that we would ensure that you have a product that would address the situation.

We also provide services on body exfoliating, depending on the kind of body colour that one has. If you are a very dark person, we find a body tonic that can assist you favourably in that regard.

What is your vision for the business?

We have been in existence for a while, we have a specific target in the urban city due to the hassles and challenges of urban life, and we intend to make people have a feeling of wellness


after work. We want to lead on the advocacy that one could have the stress removed by having a deep relaxing massage after the day’s office stress, or when one is worked up so that the person would have easy blood flow in the system, thereby removing pressure from the body. It is very healthy, and it is appalling that in this part of the world people only seek health solutions when they are not feeling too strong; that is the reason why we are interested in people taking care of their system and the body functioning the way it ought to be.

Most often, people feel being healthy is all about eating good food, but here in our centre we are after people’s wellness of mind and body under the aspect of various therapeutic solutions that we offer in terms of deep massage manicure, and pedicure, massage, tummy reduction, treading, general body treatment, wrinkle treatment, breast enlargement, removing of freckles, etc.

We have lots of women whose weight are overbearing, for such people gym is nice but they can go further than gym to search out for health resort centres such as Zikavillareel. Gym is nice in terms of keeping the body fit but does not really firm the body, it could leave the body very saggy. Here in the spa, we try to firm the muscles and keep it in shape. Here, we have the body mud wrap we use in firming the body, especially when there are fats.

What is the connection between gym and the health therapy you do here?

It is all about the health itself. Our own detoxifies you from within and outside too because of the kind of packages that we have. We also have, the G-5 that would assist you in burning the fat. With this method, we can really get that desired body structure that you desire. The gym does not really do much; the spa takes you further into the world of health resort. The gym and the spa work together, but the spa takes it further into wellness and deep relaxation – away from stress.

What makes you think people need to come here often?

We not only do health here but spa is all about health and beauty. When you have this desired body structure, it gives you morale and even boosts your confidence in public. We embark on various forms of services here. If you are a very dark person and you may need to tone up your colour, we embark upon that. If you are a fair person and you have this coloration we assist you. We do not make hair. We relax people and advise people on the ways of looking good and recommend products that would not damage your skin. We repair skin too.

Who are your target audience?

Very busy people who often care little about their health. We go to them at their convenience, and deliver the services of the spa.

Do you have any vision towards having an academy or branches elsewhere?

Basically, I like making people look good and that is where my passion lies. I want to ensure I have one-in-one interaction with my clients for now and get to solve their problems. I am not very keen in having branches for now, I am eager to meeting my clients’ needs. Also, I have trained 18 therapists and they are doing very well in various parts of the country.