• Tuesday, March 05, 2024
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Why NB ventured into another brand extension, creates Star Lite


Nigerian beer industry with various brands in the market serves a total of about 92 percent of the 167 million Nigerians.

After conducting a thorough research on the remaining percentage who are largely made up of 18 -34 old, Nigerian Breweries plc discovered that they like crisp cold beer and something different as they want to stand out, says Walter Drenth, marketing director, Nigerian Breweries (NB).

The company, which had created Gulder Max, an extension of its Gulder Ultimate, again went into the drawing board and came out with Star Lite, a brand extension of it Star Lager.

Drenth told his trade partners in Lagos recently that the product contained up to 40 percent less calories compared with standard lager beers. The all-new ice cold filtered and extra cold brewed Star Lite comes with a special cold protection crown cork that locks in the coldness inside the bottle.

“The new beer brand he said is a line extension of Star lager and  brewed with 100 percent natural ingredients; the finest malted barley, high quality Hops, and the best quality water; as such, has fewer calories compared to other standard lager beers.

“Lite implies fewer calories. This beer is for modern and social gentlemen who like to stand out and lead an active lifestyle.  It’s a cool innovation we at NB are quite proud of, and confident our consumers will appreciate,” he said.

He said “Star continues to set the trend in innovation. This is just the beginning. There’s so much more in store for 2014, and we will be announcing them in the most unpredictable ways.”