• Monday, May 27, 2024
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Time management core driver of project success, says CDK manager

Professionals in the project management field have been told that time management is not all about meeting deadlines. Instead it is about coordinating every aspect of a project efficiently.

Speaking at the Big 5 Construct Nigeria exhibition recently, a platform that showcases complete solutions across every aspect of the construction cycle, George Kachouh, General Manager of operations at CDK Industries, according to a statement said effective time management is a skill universally valuable in all industries.

Some of the strategies for efficient management he outlined included: setting priorities, focusing on one task at a time, and minimizing distractions.

“In the dynamic realm of construction and infrastructure development, time management stands as the core driver of success.

“Effective time management is the compass guiding projects away from risks, cost overruns, and unexpected hurdles, especially delays. With the attention to details involved in the construction and infrastructure sector, instilling effective time and project management skills in industry professionals is paramount”.

He said this is precisely the mission embraced by CDK Integrated Industries, manufacturers of premium porcelain tiles. “CDK Integrated Industries has chosen the grand stage of the Big 5 Construct Nigeria to applaud industry stakeholders on the vital importance of time and project management”.

At the event, the statement said that CDK imparted valuable insights on effective time management during a session titled ‘Time Management Best Practices: Effective Methods for Managing Project Schedules.’

George Kachouh stressed the significance of prioritization. “Identifying the most important and urgent tasks through prioritization can help to mitigate distractions and ensure effective project management,” he explained. He referred to the Covey time management matrix as a useful tool for task prioritization.