• Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Ribena goes Can as brand owner set for commercial on new packaging


Ribena, a foremost nutritional fruit drink from the stable of GlaxoSmithKliine Consumer Nigeria plc, is now available in Cans, and the brand owner is set to embark on advertisement in different platforms to create the new product awareness among consumers.

The company’s decision to launch the drink in Can format after 30 years, when it first entered into the Nigerian market, is for the convenience of its consumers. The company will therefore embark on message re-direction that Ribena, with 100 percent Vitamin C, is not only for children but for adults, the young and drink for celebrations.

“We are committed to satisfying our consumers. We know that people are more mobile and because we want all to have access to their refreshing Ribena anytime and anywhere,” the company said.

Over the years, Ribena blackcurrant drink has evolved from concentrate format in bottle to the ready-to-drink pack formats available in pet bottle. Wale Akanbi, the brand manager, said at the launch of the Can over the weekend in Lagos that “the brand is expanding its consumer base.”

According to him, the Ribena market is the young vibrant and upwardly mobile individuals, who require the exquisite nutrients and refreshment of Ribena, containing sugar content below competition.

Winston Ailemon, marketing manager, innovation for GSK, said Ribena, “over the time has come to have a specific perception in the mind of consumers. When you say Ribena, what comes to mind is that it is a product for children and Ribena has gone beyond that years ago. But we did not communicate that. But now we are taking Ribena beyond the children platform, as Ribena is relevant to any member of the family as it is taken from cradle to old age.”

On the Can package, Ailemon said: “We have realised that there is a genuine consumer need and as marketers we feel and ensure we satisfy the consumer need.

Our consumers still want the feel of that fruit juice in a fizzy format, and that is what necessitated the Can.”

At the purple party launch of the product, guests – mainly the upward mobile individuals were entertained by top artistes