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Pololuxury unveils Montblanc great characters collection: A tribute to Muhammad Ali

Pololuxury unveils Montblanc great characters collection: A tribute to Muhammad Ali

Pololuxury, Nigeria’s foremost luxury goods company has unveiled the Montblanc Great Characters Collection, a tribute to Muhammad Ali, the legendary boxer, sportsman and humanitarian. This exclusive collection of writing instruments celebrates the remarkable journey of Muhammad Ali, from his reign as a boxing champion to his enduring legacy as a global inspiration.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each edition in the collection pays homage to different aspects of Ali’s life and career. From symbols of his boxing achievements to nods of his significant victories and humanitarian efforts, every piece reflects the indelible mark Ali left on the world.

Speaking regarding the new collection, the Executive Director of Pololuxury, Jennifer Obayuwana, in a statement said: “We are honoured to introduce the Montblanc Great Characters Muhammad Ali Collection. This collection not only celebrates Ali’s extraordinary accomplishments in the boxing ring but also his enduring legacy as a symbol of courage, resilience, and compassion.”

The collection features three distinct editions, each with its unique design elements and limited availability:

Montblanc Great Characters Muhammad Ali special edition: This edition embodies Ali’s accomplishments in boxing. The engraved lines on the cone depict the four ropes of a boxing ring, while the cap mirrors a punchbag. The texture of the matte black precious resin barrel suggests the feel of hand wraps worn by boxers. Inspired by Ali’s title belt, the clip is skeletonised and engraved with ‘ALI.’ A laurel wreath signifies his triumphant victories and the handcrafted solid Au 585 gold nib pays homage to Ali’s boxing gloves.

Montblanc Great Characters Muhammad Ali Limited Edition 1942: Limited to honour the year of Ali’s birth, this edition incorporates design elements from pivotal moments in his career, such as the historic ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ fight. It showcases a yellow gold-coated bandage motif and green lacquered lines representing boxing ring ropes. The cap features a distinctive white and black lacquer pattern inspired by Ali’s attire during the fight, with the cap ring bearing the inscription ‘KO-W8 (15)’ to commemorate his victories. Moreover, a Montblanc emblem with the number ‘2’ commemorates his second world title.

Montblanc Great Characters Muhammad Ali Limited Edition 98: This edition spotlights a pair of hanging boxing gloves on the cap, meticulously hand-engraved in solid Au 750 gold. Limited to 98 fountain pens, this edition signifies Ali’s designation as a “Messenger of Peace” by the United Nations in 1998. The cap also showcases a hand-engraved solid Au 750 gold inlay of a dove, symbolizing his dedication to peace. Engraved on the gold forepart are six principles that Ali lived by, while the solid Au 750 yellow gold nib features a portrait of Ali surrounded by six stars.

The collection additionally comprises a Notebook #146 crafted from Saffiano leather, featuring the silhouette of Muhammad Ali, alongside a special edition ink in green.

Montblanc’s meticulous craftsmanship and design honour a champion who not only achieved greatness in the boxing ring but also dedicated himself to assisting others and championing his convictions.