• Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Polo preserves nation’s forex, offers Rolex after-sales service in Nigeria’s luxury watch market

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After sales service, more than ever before, is assuming a larger part of a consumer’s purchase decision. This is because it would be expensive for customers to discard, for instance, a piece of high-end jewellery for a new one on account of lack of after sales service.

Often time, some luxury products like time pieces are taken abroad, especially Switzerland for repairs, a development that is not only cumbersome and burdensome but costs the nation the scarce foreign exchange.

Globally, companies who offer convenient after sales service in the countries of their operation are likely to attract more customers on the understanding that a buyer’s journey does not end at the point of purchase.

It is standard that product maintenance does not only enhance customer experience and create brand loyalty but it ensures the reliability and efficiency of the product. It also gives the consumer an optimised and long-lasting performance.

Popular maxim agrees that prevention is better than cure, so, by doing frequent maintenance of a product all challenges concerning the equipment can be taken care of which will improve its longevity.

For instance, owning a luxury timepiece is definitely one of the most treasured possessions for its owners. A luxury timepiece is definitely like fine wine—getting finer with age. As with any luxury item, it is vital that it goes through regular maintenance, without which damage could be inevitable.

The dilemma for watch owners has always been the complexity of maintaining their pieces and accessing the right support, as most local luxury retailers are concerned largely about selling their stock rather than the after-sales support.

With this chasm unfilled, luxury watch owners would have to come to terms with the complexity and quagmire of shipping their wristwatches to Switzerland for regular maintenance and in the process, incurring international freight costs, additional insurance etc.

In Nigeria, Polo Limited, West Africa foremost purveyor of luxury goods has announced that it is currently offering a Rolex-installed after-sales service to luxury watch owners across Africa with its authentic, international standard and Swiss-trained certified horologists.

“Polo Limited offers a wide array of after-sales services including case renewal, polishing, leather straps, battery change, complete overhaul and refurbishment, appraisal and valuation”, the company said.

“For us we are working on making the process seamless for all of our customers. We are currently employing digital-friendly methods for customers to request after-sales information, delivery, pickup and payment. We believe our customers share a special connection with their pieces and we are obligated to help them maintain this connection” John Obayuwana, Managing Director, Polo Limited said in a statement.

With over three decades of expertise in Africa’s multi-billion dollar luxury industry, and with a wide clientele across West-Africa, Polo Luxury group said it has positioned itself as one of Africa’s most iconic land innovative luxury business conglomerates.

The maintenance of these luxury timepieces in Nigeria by Polo Limited, will therefore save Nigeria foreign exchange by eliminating the need to send luxury timepieces and jewellery abroad for maintenance, and it will also create a seamless transactional experience for consumers living in Africa.