• Monday, April 22, 2024
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Pernod Ricard unveils ‘Drink More Water’ campaign to promote responsible drinking

In response to the growing concern about excessive drinking among young adults, Pernod Ricard has launched the Drink More Water campaign initiative to promote responsible drinking habits and prioritise hydration, especially during festive occasions.

This campaign highlights the organisation’s commitment to fostering a culture of moderation and well-being among the youth.

“The essence of the Drink More Water campaign lies in our unwavering commitment to instigating positive change in Nigeria’s drinking culture, targeting the young adult’s culture of partying to include water as a key component,” said Sola Oke, managing director, Pernod Ricard in Nigeria in a statement.

“It transcends mere promotion; it embodies responsibility and conviviality, setting new benchmarks, and advocating for constructive transformation,” he said.

Reflecting on the campaign’s journey thus far, he said the last year’s launch of the initiative marked a significant milestone, raising awareness among Nigerian youth about the importance of staying hydrated while enjoying social gatherings.

According to him, the campaign heavily utilised digital media to re-educate the youth on the dangers of irresponsible drinking, employing visuals and influencers such as Aproko Doctor, Emmanuel Umoh, Jeff Banks, and other online influencers to deliver this message.

Now, as the campaign enters its next phase, he says the objective is to deepen the message of moderation and responsible decision-making without dampening the young adult’s vibrant spirit, he added.

“The Phase 1 of the campaign laid a solid foundation by presenting water as a simple yet powerful way to enhance social experiences while advocating for moderation.

The organisation strategically leveraged its extensive network to reach key locations across Nigeria. Through a dynamic mix of digital screens deployed in Lagos, with video and banner ads deployed across the country, the Drink More Water message resonated with over 53 million people nationwide.

“As Pernod Ricard toasts to Phase 2, the commitment remains steadfast in promoting responsible choices and shaping a culture where moderation is the norm.”

“Phase 2 will set sail by promoting activations nationwide and providing key visuals that would reenact party moments by placing water at the center stage of the party moments; the party does last longer when you drink more water!”

The second Phase of the campaign will be launched on March 14, 2024